Team India Finds Its No.4 Batsman In Shreyas Iyer

Shreyas Iyer Surpassed Ian Chappell And Create New Record
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Shreyas Iyer Seems Powerful

Shreyas Iyer has always dreamed of playing such an innings like this for India for a long time, where he made an impact.

The first thing that happened after he walked out to bat in Auckland was the dismissal of Virat Kohli. New Zealand took Kohli’s wicket through an amazing catch in the outfield.

Things like this can completely change the attitude of the fielding team. It gives them a belief when the pressure is on. But Iyer didn’t surrender and kept stepping up.

Team India Losing Their Side

After Virat’s wicket, he pulled and sent a good-length ball towards the long-off boundary. It was just the perfect shot because in Eden Park only boundaries are the things that matter.

India was at a point, where, in three overs they had made only 22 runs. During that period, they lost both KL Rahul who made 56 off 27 and Kohli 45 off 32.

They needed 75 runs from 48 balls. There was a large part of the game left to be played and no strong player was around to handle the situation.

Iyer Taking Back The Game To Their Side

There was a short moment when Iyer looked affected by this. During the 16th over, when he faced difficult deliveries, he seemed to be out of touch. But then he kept enough balance to avoid being stumped.

Iyer hit a point boundary off the next ball from Sodhi. And from there on, he stayed strong in the game and made his opponents nervous.

He led the chase in a truly incredible manner. Out of his eight boundaries, five came off either off the first or the second ball of the over.

Putting Pressure On New Zealand

Iyer wanted to put the pressure back on the New Zealand team again to make them doubt their chances of winning the match, even though they had dismissed the top batsmen.

That was the turning point of the game, as important as the win itself. And thus team India finally found a strong player at no.4 once again.

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