KL Rahul Donates Man Of The Match Award To Friend’s Animal Dispensary

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KL Rahul Responded To A Post On Social Media Of His Friend To Aid Their Animal Shelter:

At the Theosophical Society, KL Rahul donated cash to the Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary (BMAD), a program held for animal welfare. In the second ODI against Australia in Rajkot, Rahul was awarded the Man of the Match for his multi-dimensional performance which he gave to the dispensary.

Shravan Krishnan, an activist for animal rights, helps run the BMAD. He said that the cricketer KL Rahul, a friend of his, donated his Man of The Match cash award of Rs.1 lakh in addition to Rs. 1 lakh to the sanctuary.

Krishnan said, “Rahul helped us in past too. He has been watching our service at the BMAD for a while now and has always been there for helping us out. The posts which we posted on Social media, he has contacted us many times in the past, if we need any financial assistance”.

Shravan Recalls His Association With Rahul:

Recalling their friendship, Shravan said that in the South Zone team, he had played junior cricket with Rahul. While Rahul played for Karnataka and Shravan played for Tamil Nadu. Shravan said Rahul was one of the most hard-working and talented sportsmen in their batch.

A social media post, which was shared by Shravan to thank his friend Rahul for the donation, was shared by many people who appreciated Rahul’s gesture. The Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary (BMAD) thanked him for being a champ both on and off-field.

The BMAD shelter houses almost 150 animals which are camels, donkeys, horses, pigs, dogs, and cats. Apart from domestic animals, which were saved and deserted, they also perform surgeries and treat injured animals. So many animals that are severely injured and sick and cannot be let out. The animals that stay in the shelter and are taken care of by the BMAD members. Shravan expressed his happiness for the donation and the additional amount, which would help them.


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