IPL might have larger window In ICC’s Next FTP after BCCI broadcast windfall

ICC's Next FTP
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ICC’s Next FTP: It did not surprise BCCI Secretary Jay Shah that the IPL attracted astronomical bids that ultimately translated into mind-boggling revenue of Rs 48,390 crore for a five-year period through the IPL’s media rights, as he claimed that cricket’s most talked-about T20 league has potential to deliver much more.

The 33-year-old Shah stated in an exclusive interview, “The type of results we were able to achieve makes me really thrilled. This demonstrates cricket in India’s incredible growth potential. Everyone involved in the auction knew it would be interesting. The numbers you are looking at are proof that we were able to recognize the true value.”

“These figures demonstrate the potential of the Indian economy and investors’ confidence in emerging India. Cricket viewing habits in India have altered as a result of the digital India drive. The outcome of the digital rights auction speaks to that.”

Was the BCCI concerned when it was decided to increase the base price of media rights by more than Rs 32,500 crore considering that the winning offer at the previous media rights auction was just around half of that amount (16,347.50 crores)?

According to Jay Shah, the BCCI never thought the basic price was excessively expensive. “You must realize that in 2018, it covered 60 games. The next cycle will consist of 410 games, with 74 games in each of the first two seasons, 84 games in the following, and 94 games in the 2027 season.

The IPL media rights auction, the major winners, the BCCI windfall, and what this means for the game in the nation are all discussed by Sportstar and The Hindu Businessline.

“You should also look at the digital statistics. In 2017, there were around 560 million digital viewers, and there will be 665 million in 2021. In the upcoming years, you anticipate it will expand even further. We have companies doing research on our behalf.

As we will be the second-cheapest data providers in the world by 2024, India will have 900 million internet users. Naturally, traditional television viewers will continue, but there is a shift toward digital viewers, and that’s how you realize the value.

How does the BCCI intend to handle the window with different international teams having their own FTP obligations with 94 matches scheduled to be played in the future?

“We have been working on that element. I want to let you know that the IPL will officially have a two-and-a-half-month window starting with the ICC’s Next FTP schedule so that all the best international players may play. In addition to the ICC, we have spoken with a number of bodies,” Shah added.

When Amazon withdrew, there were rumors that they were dissatisfied with Package C, which provided non-exclusive digital rights for only 18 games every season.

“Simple was BCCI’s goal. Greatest involvement, maximum value, and improved price discovery were our guiding principles. Therefore, if someone wins A and B, they will have to pay extra to purchase Package C. That is all there is to it “stated Shah.

“The term for this is improved price discovery. The way we conducted the e-auction, in my opinion, was the most open.”

IPL may be split into two halves, according to rumors. What is the BCCI’s position on that matter, and how do you intend to put that into practice?

“We are conversing with a number of stakeholders. Additionally, there are several recommendations for all the IPL franchises to play friendlies abroad. This concept is being actively considered, but in order to do so, we must also communicate with other boards in order to learn the schedule of foreign players.”

According to certain sources, this IPL’s viewership has decreased by 30%. Another topic of conversation is the spectator weariness brought on by too many matches. This year, there has also been discussion on the recall value of games.

Shah stated, “I disagree that there has been a decline in viewership. Numbers from both before and after COVID must be taken into account. The only live athletic event available to the Indian audience in 2020 and 2021 was cricket, which contributed to the dramatic increases in IPL viewership in both years. Due to COVID-19, people were unable to leave their homes. Thus, the numbers increased significantly.

“After a period of relative normalcy returned in 2022, the same public is now venturing outside. People are socializing, dining out, and taking vacations, which is something they haven’t done in the previous two years. When you factor in viewership, you can also estimate that this year, during the evening games, hundreds of people would be watching it on TV while seated in a bar or restaurant.

Thus, hundreds of spectators may watch an IPL game with a single DTH (Direct To Home) connection. So, if you’re going to compute viewing figures, I want you to do it based on 2019 audience levels compared to 2022,” he stated.

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