Cricketers Of Bangladesh Donate Half-Month Salary To Government Relief Fund

Bangladesh Cricket Has Announced Their 14 Men Squad Against Sri Lanka | Ban vs SL
Bangladesh Cricket Has Announced Their 14 Men Squad Against Sri Lanka | Ban vs SL

27 Bangladesh players have decided to give half of their monthly salaries :

Among 27 players, who have decided to donate their half-month salaries to Government Relief fund, 17 players are in the Bangladesh Cricket Board central contract list while the other players played in the national team recently.

Since the whole world is fighting against the coronavirus, cricketers of Bangladesh have taken the decision to contribute half of their monthly salaries to the government Relief fund. According to the statistics,  27 players are donating half of their monthly salaries in Dhaka Tribune. Among the 27 cricketers, 10 cricketers have played in the national team recently whereas  17 cricketers are in the BCB contract list.

Coronavirus pandemic has become suffering for the whole world and so for Bangladesh too. We are trying to generate much consciousness among the people through social media to take required & essential steps to combat this pandemic.

“But rather than just boosting consciousness among people, we have a belief that we have a lot of things to do.  10 other players are playing in recent series for Bangladesh national team 17 players, those are included in the central contract list of BCB, and;  we are 27 cricketers in total, who are giving half of our monthly salaries in this battle of coronavirus.

“Without the tax, the total amount might be nearly 25 lakh taka. Maybe this money is not enough for the fight against the novel coronavirus. But this certainly sets an example for other citizens. So, if we donate individually, then collectively, it may be a massive step to fight against coronavirus.

It is certainly not only our govts’ responsibility but also does ours. So “In case we can understand and take the proper responsibility and make certain involvement than blaming others, then we can succeed against coronavirus.

Everyone stays at home please, stay safe. Be well and also keep our nation safe. Every difficult situation tends to bring out something positive.



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