Coronavirus: O’Brien, Ex-New Zealand Pacer Fears For His Wife’s Life

Coronavirus: O’Brien, Ex-New Zealand Pacer Fears For His Wife’s Life
Coronavirus: O’Brien, Ex-New Zealand Pacer Fears For His Wife’s Life
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O’Brien is worried about his wife’s health:

Former New Zealand bowler Iain O’Brien said that he is extremely worried about his wife’s health as her lung condition is not good and she has a higher probability of getting infected from highly-spreading Coronavirus pandemic.

The Wellington resident now lives in the UK with his two kids- Zain and Alethea and his wife Rosie. He was in New Zealand to handle some mental health problems that he has been working on.

The 43 years old O”Brien said that “The big difficulty for me is my wife, who has lung problems and in case she gets any kind of chest infection then it will be dangerous for her”.

He added that “This coronavirus could kill her. At this time, managing two kids and 80 years old mom is quite tough for her. I would keen to take some of her tension but I think, at this time I am just adding to it.”

Between 2005- 2009, O”Brien played 10 ODIs, 22 Test matches and four T20Is for New Zealand. He has taken 73 Test wickets and performed his best in the year 2008 against West Indies by taking 6 wickets for 75 runs.

He has spent much time as well as money to get a possible route back to home but failed. Once again on Tuesday (24-03-2020), his flight from to the UK from Wellington was cancelled.

Further, he said “I am fortunate that I have been able to get three flights to get back home, although nothing worked out. I could do that at least. It is really going to make the situation more critical, but I can’t complain about it”.

“There are a lot of people who are in a more difficult situation than mine. My worry is my wife only. I want to get back home as soon as possible, get through these two weeks of self-isolation period and start helping out then”.

In five years, this was his first visit to New Zealand and the coronavirus pandemic has severed everything.

The COVID-19 has claimed over 16,000 lives all over the world and enforces countries to shut down borders and enter into lockdown mode, which trapped thousands of people.

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