Tough Times Never Lasts..We Will Overcome This: Sourav Ganguly

Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy: Suspected Bookie Call In National T20 Tournament
Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy: Suspected Bookie Call In National T20 Tournament

With all of a complete lockdown situation, Sourav Ganguly expressed his views over the Covid-19 pandemic.

Everything coming our way is completely new to each one of us. Rehabilitation for victims is still an ongoing process. The same applies for the world too.

West Bengal went to lockdown from Monday and we are forced to have family time as people wish forever since from the day they are away from home. So lockdown to me has come as a blessing but with a wrong reason that I would never encourage.

I have my relatives staying in the UK and I and my family are worried about them due to the current situation that prevails over the UK and nearby areas. We just hope everything to be back on track ASAP.  In my family, everyone is at home only; my dear daughter Sana too. Now, she finished her ISC exams, so for a long period of time, she has been indoors. For a couple of days, she went out before things got really critical to meet her friends. But now she is staying at home again.

The Covid-19 pandemic is the worst nightmare coming true that anyone can ever imagine. This has brought us with real-life challenges difficult to tackle. Each & every day is a challenge. But, that is called life. The everyday overcrowded streets of Kolkata seem deserted and so do our hearts with fear.

I always choose to handle my social media accounts by myself. Although I am not much into technology,  now I am bound to do, as something posted is going under my name. So it needs to be managed by me. I have to be careful enough.

The most preferable way to utilize this time as per my concern is to maintain a daily routine and workout every day. I have a gym at home, so that routine hasn’t changed much. I work out for an hour, whenever I get the time during the day. For five days a week. I watch movies on Netflix. It is a wonderful feeling to spend some time watching movies with my family.

I am advising all cricketers and sportspersons to stay at home and be safe. Take the advice of the doctors, and listen to what the government is saying.

With the current scenario, life seems to be in pause mode where we do not have control over the resume button. But what I believe is with hope and strength we can overcome this period.


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