Ben Stokes after victory in Edgbaston: ‘Wanted them to get 450’

Ben Stokes after victory in Edgbaston
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The Ben Stokes-Brendon McCullum era of Test cricket has gotten off to the best possible start as the team has won its previous four matches, and what makes the accomplishment even more remarkable is that they have pursued more than 250 runs in each of those games. In the morning session of Day 5 of the most recent Edgbaston Test against India, England continued to chase 378 with seven wickets remaining. Stokes stated that he wanted India to set a target of 450 to see how his team would have performed after the victory. Here in this article, we talk about what has been said by Ben Stokes after victory in Edgbaston.

“I’m not sure where the line is. To watch what we’d do, there was a small part of me that almost wanted them to get 450. Look at how teams will be observing us right now. The third inning has turned into a fourth inning because they have to focus on how we’re going to play, and they’re concerned about that, I started yesterday after we ended the day’s play ” Ben Stokes reportedly told Sky Sports, according to ESPNcricinfo.

“Therefore, it is an incredible situation for a team to be in to be feared before they have even completed their innings. Teams struggle to play well in the third inning, especially when they are up” he added.

Root and Bairstow both scored 142 and 114 runs, respectively, as they combined for a 269-run unbroken fourth-wicket partnership. Both batsmen had respectable strike rates, and India was helpless to stop them.

“These past five weeks have been the most enjoyable of my career thus far. Not everyone can comprehend what has taken place here, in my opinion. Everything becomes much simpler when you have clarity about what you want to do and achieve and you think beyond the immediate outcomes. It relieves you of the strain that competing in international sports might bring.

Everything becomes much simpler when you are clear about your goals, according to Stokes. 

“We are attempting to redefine how Test cricket is played, particularly in England. We’ll try to continue with all the many strategies we developed over the previous four to five weeks for each unique circumstance. It’s not always about drying up or bowling top of off; it’s about how we’re going to get wickets. You need to take 10 wickets as a bowling attack, he said.

The five-game series between India and England that began last year ended 2-2, but India would retain the Pataudi Trophy since they had previously defeated England in India.

The manner we go about it and the support we’ve gotten over the past five weeks have been tremendous. We know we want to breathe fresh life into Test cricket. It’s incredible how quickly we feel like we are attracting a fresh group of fans to the game.

We want to inspire the next generation, therefore this game right now is more important to us than the results because it’s about the players who will represent England in the future and the guys who will enter the locker room after. Stokes stated, “We want to make our stamp on Test cricket.

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