Virat Kohli Has No Regrets Missing The Australian Test To Be Present For The Birth Of His Daughter

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli

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Indian skipper Virat Kohli does not regret missing the last three Test games against Australia in the recently conducted ‘Border Gavaskar’ trophy. Virat Kohli was not the part of the Indian side who came victorious against the mighty Australians in the four-match Test series. The 32-year-old did feature in the first Test, however, India faced a humiliating loss under his captaincy in Adelaide.

Virat Kohli coined India’s latest win against Australia as the most special win for his team. Nevertheless, the RCB skipper has no regrets to skip India’s major tour to be present with his wife during the birth of their first child. Virat Kohli and his wife, Anushka Sharma were recently blessed with a daughter. The Indian batsman stated that becoming a father was the greatest moment of his life and that he made the right decision to take the paternity leave.

Virat Kohli, in a post-match interview before the first Test against England, talked about the drama which surrounded his absence from India’s squad during the ‘Border Gavaskar’ series.

This is what Virat Kohli had to say

“I don’t think the two can be compared. To me, becoming a father has been, and will remain, the greatest moment in my life, in both our lives. That is something that has to be experienced to understand what I am saying.”

“Secondly the connection with the team doesn’t go away in any situation, especially when you have given everything for the team, especially the Test side, for the last six years, on a daily side. Being motivated to take Test cricket on top, take Indian cricket on top. The whole group has put in so much effort. You are connected invariably. And I was watching all the games. I clearly remember when Shardul and Washington were going through that partnership, I was watching it on the phone just before we had to go in when the doctor called us. That’s how connected you are to the team. That’s how much you are looking forward to guys doing well.

“I was so happy and proud to see the whole team come back in the series as we did. And everyone deserves all the credit for what they did in Australia. I wouldn’t even say what ‘happened’ because it was purely out of determination, grit and belief that they achieved what they ended up achieving. That is something that is going to remain in the hearts and minds of Indian cricket fans forever. Whether I was a part of it or not, to me that doesn’t matter as much as what it matters to the Indian cricket team and the whole country. I was very proud and very happy for all the boys but I came back for a moment that is, and will be, the most special in our lives forever.”


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