T20 World Cup Result Trapped In ICC Election Crossfire

T20 World Cup ICC BCCI

Only four months are away to organize the T20 World Cup in Australia, but a decision for its delay is to be taken. On Wednesday, the ICC will meet virtually as the 16-nations are waiting for the final decision on whether the tournament will go forward or not.

The improvement in Australia’s health condition may increase hopes, but with the suspension on international travel, rules regulations on quarantine and expenditure overhead involved, and no audience makes the event tougher.

Own regulations of ICC governing board for returning to the T20 cricket leads a minimum of 5 weeks of training before organizing a game and cricketers in different nations including Bangladesh, India and Pakistan have not done any training yet.

In the previous ICC meeting, which was held two weeks before, a decision on the T20 World Cup was taken to postpone to hold an international communication outflow. An investigation was held later and the CEO of ICC is scheduled to deliver its all findings at the meeting. Also, on the schedule, elections for the ICC chairmanship will be taking place.

The officials say that the investigation and the frequent email-exchange between ICC and BCCI over the tax issues, all are about July’s ICC elections. The Indian cricket board waits for the decision as in case the World Cup is postponed or canceled, then there will be a window to arrange the Indian Premier League.

Arun Dhumal, BCCI treasurer said “ Each & everyone is waiting for the decision of ICC about the T20 World Cup. It is the final time to make a decision since cricket boards have their bilateral calendar to arrange.”

On Monday, at the ACC meeting, a decision was taken to delay the Asia Cup, although involving a six-nation tournament in three months looks doubtful. Ehsan Mani, PCB Chairman is considering reportedly for the chairmanship of ICC. Ehsan Mani also handles the Finance and Commercial Affairs committee of ICC, whereas there is no representative of BCCI. BCCI blames the current chairman of ICC, Shashank Manohar that along with Mani, he is not giving chance to include India in the crucial committee that deals with finances of ICC. After becoming the chairman of ICC, Manohar spoiled the proposed formula of “Big Three”, that would have provided BCCI more profit share from the ICC.


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