Sunil Gavaskar Lashes Out At BCCI Official For Comparing IPL

Sunil Gavaskar Lashes Out At BCCI Official For Comparing IPL
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Sunil Gavaskar is the master of his time. His batting was universally acclaimed in the 1970s and 80s. The skill used by Mumbai to bat is unmatched, and no one can surpass it. Since his retirement in 1987, the veteran has mostly been in the game as a presenter.

He often expressed his views on cricket. Many people have praised his strong opinions. Gavaskar, who was once the interim head of the IPL’s governing body, recently spoke about the delay in the tournament till April 15.

The former Indian captain revealed how the participation of foreign players gives the tournament a bit of a taste. “Whether the IPL is playing at all depends on how quickly the spread of COVID-19 is regulated.

Foreign players will not be able to get a visa until April 15, so the tournament will take a while. International players can bring a different flavor and excitement to the match, so it’s essential to have them.”

Gavaskar pointed out how the tournament cannot be organized if foreign players do not have visas.

Sunil Gavaskar slams BCCI official for his ‘insulting’ remark

Following this, the legend expressed his views on the comments made by a BCCI official. According to Gavaskar, if the IPL were played without foreign players, it would be like the Syed Mushtaq Ali Tournament of poor quality of cricket.

For the uninitiated, the Syed Mushtaq Ali Tournament is the annual T20 tournament hosted by the BCCI, where all the indigenous state teams of the country participate.

The so-called “BCCI boss” has to make sure the quality of the BCCI game is inadequate. We didn’t want the Mushtaq Ali tournament,” “This is an incredibly sensitive statement,” the veteran of the 125 tests quoted by the Hindustan Times said.

The former Indian opener raised the question of cricket quality in the domestic T20 tournament. He urged the BCCI to look into the tournament schedule so that international Indian players can participate.

“First, insulting the great man the tournament was named for, and secondly, if it was such a “poor” tournament, why did it have it? Also, can you shed light on why tournament quality is so low? Certainly not because there are no international players, but also because there are no Indian international players! This is a scheduling issue, and the BCCI has to look at it,” Gavaskar said.

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