Alex Hales Acknowledges The Signs Of COVID-19 Yet To Be Checked

Alex Hales Acknowledges The Signs Of COVID-19 Yet To Be Checked
Alex Hales Acknowledges The Signs Of COVID-19 Yet To Be Checked

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Alex Hales Has Gone Into Self Isolation:

Alex Hales has stated that he is self-isolating at home since returning from the Pakistan Super League, since experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus).

PSL organizers revealed on Tuesday morning that the tournament’s semi-finals and finals had been postponed indefinitely after a participant displayed symptoms of the virus. PCB chief executive Wasim Khan said, “We can not announce the identity of the participant,” but Ramiz Raja, who commented on the game, told reporters: “Alex Hales ‘ symptoms have improved.

The remarks made by Raja led to false reports that Hales had screened the virus positively, which he refuted in a statement.

“I think I had to offer a complete explanation of my position in light of the confusion and gossip that is currently circulated throughout the cricket community and on social media,” Hales said.

“Like several other players abroad, I, unfortunately, left the Pakistan Super League early because with COVID-19 approaching a global the pandemic point, I decided that being with my mates was more important than facing a 1,000-mile lockdown from home,” added Alex.

He further added, “In the early hours of Saturday morning, I returned to the United Kingdom feeling fully healthy and safe and with virtually no symptoms of the flu. However, I woke up early on Sunday morning, having acquired a fever. I followed the government’s advice on self-isolation, a practice that I definitely still follow, having acquired dry and persistent cough.”

“At This Stage, It Has Not Been Possible To Be Tested”- Alex Hales:

“This was not feasible to be tested at this stage, but I hope this will be the case later today [Tuesday] so I can get full assurance of my actual state of health.”

A leading news paper recorded that, recorded that after returning from Pakistan, Hales spent Saturday socializing with Tom Curran and Jade Dernbach but that they were not among the six Surrey players the club declared on Monday that they were in solitary confinement. A team spokesperson later said that the pair is now already isolating itself.

Hales had tweeted Monday but later deleted the message, “Self-isolation starts … TV show to stream, please?!.”

With the tournament’s postponement, the virus will be checked for both players and officials from the four teams who have qualified for the PSL semi-finals, as well as the broadcasters and personnel affiliated with the games.

Salman Iqbal, the owner of the Hales franchise Karachi Kings, said, “I have been asking for it to be postponed for the past two days as we [PSL] are the only cricket that was going on. But, it is a genius move by the franchise owners and the PCB board anyway.”

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