Sunil Gavaskar Supports IPL Postponement

Sunil Gavaskar Lashes Out At BCCI Official For Comparing IPL
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It’s A Bold Decision By The BCCI: Sunil Gavaskar

Former batting great Sunil Gavaskar has lauded the BCCI’s decision to not go ahead with the IPL at a time when the world and country are facing a serious health crisis, due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

In a sports magazine, his saying is published, in which he said that the BCCI always gets accused of putting money first ahead of everything else. Now it has taken a bold step by giving more importance to public health and safety.

He hoped that at least now people stop calling it off a greedy organization. He advised the cricket body to get into charity more to get rid of the tag money-minded.

He suggested that the BCCI should allot a day every year for charity like the Pink Day the Australian and English cricket boards have annually, for fundraising purposes and mainly creating awareness of cancer.

It can join hands with an organization which it thinks might deserve its assistance and fix a day where all the proceeds of the day will go to the charity. This would help improve its image, he added.

IPL Might Not Begin On April 15th

In the article, he expressed doubts if the IPL would start on April 15th as the foreign players will not obtain visas until that day and hence might take longer for the mega tournament to commence. He also remarked that foreign players’ participation is important as it adds to the excitement of the matches.

He also objected to the comments of a BCCI official who said that referring to the IPL tournament without foreign players, it has to ensure the quality of the game is not poor and did not want a Mushtaq Ali tournament.

He said that belittling the tournament is disrespecting the great man after whom the tournament is named and if it really was that poor why it was conducting it.


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