Shoaib Malik And David Warner Reacts To Dhawan’s Hilarious Video

Shoaib Malik And David Warner Reacts To Dhawan’s Hilarious Video
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Cricketers have dealt with a significant blow to the corona. The government has announced a closure in the country, and every sporting activity has put a full stop. They requested that every person stays at their home until this pandemic situation is under control.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, players are choosing different ways to get back home. currently, Shikhar Dhawan, India’s star batsman shared a funny clip on Twitter in which he saw washing clothes.

Shikhar Dhawan to wear Delhi capital jersey in IPL 2020

There is no doubt that it is challenging to be back at home for so long. But, this is the only way to protect oneself from the spread of the virus. Right now, players are sitting in their backyard and interacting with their fans.

Meanwhile, Indian opening batsman Shikhar Dhawan shared a funny clip in which he was washing clothes sitting in his bathtub, while his wife is very much busy with her makeup. Meanwhile, one can also hear a song from an old Hindi movie.

In his Twitter, Shikhar Dhawan has posted a funny clip with a caption, “Life after a week at home. Reality is badly hit #AeshaDhawan @BoatNirvana #boatheadStayinsane. “It represented the condition of a person when he is sitting in his house without any work.

Very soon this video clip came under the radar of Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik. The 38-year-old replied hilariously that he was a loner. And replied that  “But that was before you even broke it, so what’s the deal here ??”!!

The terrific opener Shikhar Dhawan is all set to play for Delhi Delhi Capitals in the Indian Premier League 2020, which was scheduled to start on March 29. But the BCCI postponed it to 15th April. However, the heavily cash-strapped league is also dealing with a significant blow and may not be maintained in the ongoing year as far as current conditions are concerned.


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