Shikhar Dhawan Does His Bit To Make His Fans Laugh

Shikhar Dhawan Does His Bit To Make His Fans Laugh
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On one hand, where people are wondering what to do at home after the lockdown for a period of 21 days was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Shikhar Dhawan was seen in a complete jovial mood to entertain his fans.

The 34-year-old Shikhar Dhawan who is also in isolation with his wife Ayesha and son Zarovar took on to Twitter on Wednesday to post a rib-tickling video, where he was seen doing the household chores while his wife was resting.

The video which was tuned to the clip of Bollywood track ‘Jab se Shaadi hue hai’ had Shikhar Dhawan washing clothes in the bathtub, while Ayesha was seeing doing making up in front of the mirror. After washing clothes Dhawan asks for respite with folded hands to his wife Ayesha to which does not budge.

Post this Dhawan was seen cleaning the toilet, while Ayesha talks over the phone, she also has a stick in her hand to ensure Shikhar meticulously performs his duties.

On Wednesday, Shikhar took on to Twitter to post this video. Apart from him, many celebrities have been posting their pictures on social media as to how they have been spending time in isolation. This has made the social media, the most happening place ever since curfew has been imposed.

Players Use Their Time Qualitatively:

Most of the players were also seen using the break-in reassesing their performance in the past tournaments by spending more time for practice within their houses. In the meantime, there have been speculations that the 13th edition of IPL 2020 was likely to be canceled, after the completion of the lockdown period. BCCI officials have said, even if the lockdown was called off, there would be a lot of restrictions imposed, in which it would be difficult to conduct IPL matches, which is a much-awaited event for all the cricket fans for the year 2020.


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