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A Tribute To Sachin’s Achievements:

Sachin Tendulkar, who retired from international cricket in 2013, continues to be one of the most beloved and admired batsmen in the world. Former Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq posted a video on YouTube when India celebrated the anniversary of Sachin’s splendid knock which made him the first batsman all over the world to score a double century in One-day international cricket.

In this video, he is giving a tribute to Sachin’s remarkable achievements and various records during his 24-year international cricket career. The video also highlights the reasons why Sachin stands out from other cricketers of his generation and showing his supremacy in international cricket for a long period of time and achieves that place, where no one else could. 

Further Inzamam said in the YouTube video, “I will talk about a player, who was born to play cricket. I always had a feeling that he and cricket were made for each other. Here, I am talking about the great Sachin Tendulkar.”

“The most surprising thing for me is that at the age of 16-17 Tendulkar played cricket at the international level and made such spectacular performances over the years. This is only possible if the player is an extraordinary talent.

Recalling Sachin’s debut in international cricket, Inzamam recalled a famous event from his first international tour to Pakistan in 1989, where he took a challenge from Pakistan leg-spinner Abdul Qadir and hit four sixes in a single over.

“This is easier said than done. It was his first international tour and he faced a great bowling attack, including Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, and Imran Khan, and everyone was shocked by seeing his batting skills, especially considering he was very young,” the former Pakistan captain said.

Sachin Has Taken Indian Cricket On His Shoulders For Two Decades:

Inzamam, pointing to what made Sachin stand out from the other great batsmen of his generation, said he had strong self-confidence, which led him to go for records that no one had dreamt before.

“He played in the same term as me and in our term, no one used to think of scoring so many runs. Most of the batsmen used to end their career after scoring 8,000-8,500 runs. Before Sachin Tendulkar, the great Sunil Gavaskar only scored 10 thousand runs and everyone thought it was unbeaten.

“Now I wait to see who will break Sachin’s best milestones,” Inzamam said and praised Sachin for leading the way.

Since making his international debut in 1989, Tendulkar has put Indian cricket on his shoulders for more than two decades. He performed tremendously while in pressure and this is another factor that has made him so successful, according to Injamam.

“I have never seen a cricketer better than Sachin. He has fans all over the world. Every time he used to come to bat in great pressure but this pressure never keep him to score runs”.

Sachin was also a handy bowler with leg-spin, off-spin, medium-pace everything in his arsenal. Inzamam found his googlies to be very deceptive, and he never used to pick those googlies up. 

“Tendulkar was a great player for generations. He should continue as he used to be such a pleasure to watch his cricket. He shouldn’t stop playing cricket and walked off from the cricket ground.”Inzamam concluded the video with these final sentences.

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