Ravi Bopara Makes Hilarious Comments On PSL 2020

Ravi Bopara Makes Hilarious Comments On PSL 2020
Ravi Bopara Makes Hilarious Comments On PSL 2020

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2020 came to an abrupt conclusion after England batsman Alex Hales showed Coronavirus symptoms five days after leaving the competition. While the fans prepared for the two semifinals scheduled for Tuesday, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) called off the season, keeping its players ‘ safety in mind. Ravi Bopara, who was part of the Multan Sultans side, provided the organizers with a hilarious suggestion to announce the PSL 2020 winners.

“As the elderly are more vulnerable to the Coronavirus it’s only fair to take the trophy from the oldest average age team in the @thePSLt20. # PSL5 @MultanSultans“, he said in a tweet. Once the tournament was temporarily called off, Multan Sultans were at the top of the table with 14 points from 10 matches – which is Karachi Kings 3 more than 2nd place.

Look At The Hilarious Tweet Of Ravi Bopara:

The Sultans are the only team with an average age of 30, in the competition. The World Health Organization (WHO) had stated in its study earlier that the Covid19 virus is more likely to affect both the elderly and children. Covid19 has already been deemed a pandemic by WHO and has taken many lives across the globe with some football players being tested positive.

There was a lot of uncertainty created on Tuesday after former Pakistani cricketer Ramiz Raja told reporters it was England cricketer Alex Hales who had reportedly tested positive as a result of which the tournament was postponed immediately. Nevertheless, PCB later released a clarification saying none of the PSL-related overseas or local players tested positive.

Informing that the PCB took the decision as a precautionary measure, PCB Chief Executive Wasim Khan said: “This is an extraordinary situation that develops every day. The PCB monitored the situation closely and took precautionary steps, including coordination with appropriate authorities and temperature monitoring of players, officials and media on the match and non-match days.”

Wrong Reports Of Players Being Tested Positive Published:

Even Hales later released a statement rubbishing claims that he was checking for the virus positively. “In view of the speculation and gossip currently circulating in the cricketing world and on social media, I felt that I had to explain my situation in full. Like several other players overseas, I reluctantly left the Pakistan Super League early because, with COVID19 entering global pandemic status, I felt it was more important to be with my family than to face a lockdown time thousands of miles away from home, “read his quote.


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