Mumbai Wankhede Stadium To Not Turn Into Quarantine Centre

Wankhede Stadium
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The High-Risk Patients Will Keep At The Wankhede Stadium:

Mumbai is one of the worst affected cities in Maharashtra and has more than 20,000 cases of coronavirusThe government and the healthcare system take the necessary measures to stop the pandemic from spreading.
In the meantime, last week’s reports came up that Wankhede Stadium was to be a quarantine center for asymptomatic patients.

However, following the residents’ opposition to the move, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) decided to cancel the proposal. The BMC sought to move asymptomatic high-risk patients to the Wankhede immediately.

But local people were opposed and a letter to Chief Secretary Ajoy Mehta was written in this regard by the Marine Drive Residents’ Association.

I Don’t Know Where The News Is Coming From- Municipal Commissioner:

Interestingly,  IS Chahal, the Municipal Commissioner clarified that in the first place there was no plan to accommodate patients in Wankhede. He was shocked also at the news that came out and the message. “Wankhede news stories shocked me. Last week I made a decision, I don’t know exactly where the news comes exactly.”

“I am shocked that the CM has told me to provide open facilities in open grounds will lead to a lot of issues during the monsoon, as there would be a muck. There are so many car parks, including airport parking lots, Palladium mall, multi-level car parking lots.

“If all this happens, why should we set up these huge pandals, particularly on the corner with monsoon? There is, therefore, no such consideration and there is no point. Open stadiums are not a suitable option, “he said.

The local people are being relieved, and the President of the Churchgate residents’ federation Ashok Rao has confirmed the same. “The residents are sure to be glad because in this area there are a lot of senior citizens,” he said.

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