Madras High Court To Hear On IPL Matches

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A Person Has Filed A Complaint Against IPL:

An advocate has filed a PIL in Madras High Court, seeking its direction to the central government not to give permission to BCCI to conduct IPL matches because of Coronavirus.  IPL is scheduled to start from March 29 to May 24.

Advocate, G Alex Benziger, filed a Public Interest Litigation is likely to be, on March 12th heard before a division bench involving Justices Krishnan Ramaswamy and M M Sundresh.

Alex in his petition said, “As of now, there was no specific medicine to stop COVID-19. As per the content on the website of the World Health Organisation, there was no treatment.”

Currently, 52 positive cases of the corona have registered in India. Throughout the world, 119220 cases have recorded. So many people lost their family members.

One of the oldest leagues in the world, Italy Football Federation League, has been severely affected, due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic. The government decided that the games were being played back closed doors with no audience at any football ground until April 3rd.
He had sent a description to authorities not to permit BCCI to conduct the thirteenth edition of IPL tournament T20 cricket matches.

The IPL Tournament May Not Be Happening:

As there was no answer from the concerned authorities, G Alex Benziger decided to file PIL in the court, he added.

As the epidemic of coronavirus in India continues to pose threat, the future of IPL 2020 continues to lurk in the darkness.

Recently, a source close to BCCI officials said that “At the moment, the BCCI has not made any decision. IPL starts at the right time. We take care of the players and set up special medical teams and volunteers.”

If the IPL 2020 will start on time. The first match will be held between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings on March 29 at Wankhede stadium in Mumbai.


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