Despite Coronavirus Threat, IPL is Very Much On: Ganguly

IPL 2020 Lurks In Darkness With Coronavirus Threat
IPL 2020 Lurks In Darkness With Coronavirus Threat

IPL Is As Per The Schedule:

The BCCI president Sourav Ganguly said in a conference on Friday that the Indian Premier League (IPL) is on schedule. Also, he noted that all precautions will be taken to handle the frequently- expanding coronavirus threat, which has created chaos on sporting calendars all over the world.

Sourav Ganguly reported to PTI that “IPL 2020 is on schedule. The tournaments are continuing everywhere. England players are already in Sri Lanka and South Africa players are here. There are no problems.”

He added that “Globally, the country teams are moving. To play, all the players are going to the UAE, Abu Dhabi. So, there is not any serious issue.”

Concerning the protective procedures to ensure the fans, as well as players, are not going to affect, Sourav Ganguly said that a fully experienced medical team is appointed to look after the matter.

He told “All the precautions will be taken. The medicals teams are the professionals and they already consulting with the hospitals so that everything will be available in proper time. According to them, we will take extra measures.”

This IPL season is scheduled to be held on 29th March in Mumbai.

Impact Of Coronavirus On Global Sports:

The occurrence of coronavirus has affected severely the schedules of global sports. Italy has banned fans from different countries until April. Olympics test events also have been postponed in Japan, which is another severely affected country.

There are developing worries about the Tokyo Olympic, which is scheduled to be held in July-August although the International Olympic Committee declared the game will go ahead as per the schedule.

Now, the count of coronavirus patients in India has reached 31, incorporating 16 Italian tourists. The dangerous outbreak of this virus has killed more than 3300 people and nearly 10,000 people are infected in almost 85 countries.


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