Kohli Says Bryant’s Death “Put Everything In Perspective For Me”

Kohli Says Bryant's Death
Kohli Says Bryant's Death "Put Everything In Perspective For Me"

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Virat Kohli, the skipper of India paid tribute to Kobe Bryant on Tuesday ahead of the ODI series against New Zealand.

He said that for him the death of basketball legend put everything in perspective. A day before the first One-day International (ODI) against hosts New Zealand, Kohli was speaking to the media at Seddon Park in Hamilton. 

He said that he was remembering the time when he used to wake up early in the morning s to watch NBA matches. He added, that the death of Kobe Bryant was heartbreaking for everyone.

Virat Kohli On Death Of Kobe Bryant

” It was a shock and heartbreaking to everyone. To Watch those NBA games in the morning I grew up when like that someone passes away, in perspective it does put everything. By watching someone you get inspired but at the end of the day you understand, life can be so irregular,” Virat Kohli told reporters.

” Thinking about the game, sometimes we got to catch up, to play what kind of shot, what ball we need to bowl, but we forget about to live the life. For me, In perspective, it has put everything. I am appreciating to refresh life. The moment you are going through you can enjoy each, It’s not important that what are you doing in a day, the important thing, is itself life,” he added.

Kobe Bryant, 41, and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna were among nine people killed when a helicopter, crashed amid foggy conditions and burst into flames in the hills of Calabasas in suburban Los Angeles.

The basketball legend had won five National Basketball Association (NBA) championships in his 20-year-long career while playing for Los Angeles Lakers.


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