Joe Root Says “Adapt and Do Things With a Patient Approach If Need Be”

Joe Root Said
Joe Root Said "Adapt and Do Things With a Patient Approach If Need Be"

England’s performance in recent tests is very poor. Apart from the ashes on the home ground. England has lost 4 of their 5 matches. Captain of England cricket team joe root hopes that his team will be able to switch off from the fast lanes of limited-overs cricket to red-ball cricket.

England skipper joe root clearly said that he expects batsmen to bat long period and torment bowlers. Like steve smith approach.

the series is the first test assignment for the head coach Chris silver wood, who was promoted from bowling coach to head coach. Chris Silverwood and joe root are way forward to lead their squad.

Ahead of the final warm-up match of England before Test series skipper joe root said  ” We have to be prepared to play some attritional cricket at times, We have to try to bat longer. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to get a good score on any given wicket. Time has never really been an issue in Test cricket, especially in the modern game, where things naturally move quicker than they have in the past. It would be nice to get used to batting for 120 overs more regularly, especially in the first innings. It’s with the ball as well. We have to be prepared to go at two an over and build pressure in different ways. You can fall into the trap when playing in English conditions, as they’ve been in the last couple of years, and get used to Test cricket being played in fast forward.

“But it’s not like that everywhere you go. So we’ve got to be prepared to adapt. And if that means doing things slightly differently – whether it’s controlling the rate with the ball, or being prepared to score at two an over for 150 overs, if that’s what it takes to make 400 – then we’ve got to be prepared to do that. It was really pleasing to see Sibley and Crawley not waver from how they would go about things in their normal county environment,” Root added.

joe root said “It’s what you always want but you don’t always see it. For two young lads to come in and set the tone for the tour was really pleasing. We set our stall out exactly how we want to template our Test cricket. That first session was obviously going to be the most challenging one for us and I think we only scored at two an over. But we were only one down at lunch and, as the game progressed, we knew we had guys capable of upping the ante if we need to. I thought the template and the tempo of how we went about it were much more how I want to see us play in the future.”

“Chris has been around the group for two years, so we’ve had a really strong relationship anyway,” Root said. “We’re very much on the same page about how we take this team forward.”


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