IPL 2021: Kevin Pietersen Feels Mumbai Indians Missed A Trick

Kevin Pietersen
Image Source: Twitter.com

England cricket star Kevin Pietersen has spoken out about how the Mumbai Indians lost a trick in the first match of the IPL 2nd half against the CSK.

Despite Rohit Sharma’s absence, Pietersen believes the Mumbai team got off to a good start with the ball. The 41-year-old added that CSK had lost four wickets in short succession and that the Mumbai team could have put their foot down and maintained the same rhythm.

Pietersen went on to say that the stand-in captain, Kieron Pollard, should have played Jasprit Bumrah for two or three continuous overs and that the CSK team might have been wiped out for about 80 runs.

I don’t know what Pollard was thinking by not bowling Bumrah: Kevin Pietersen

Mumbai started so well. They really got themselves into the game. They knew they needed to get themselves going. They lost their captain so he was replaced. And they started so well. CSK were 4 down very early. Ambati Rayudu retired out. When you get that many wickets early, you have to keep your foot down. You talk about momentum; you need to keep it going”.

I think Mumbai Indians missed a trick. I don’t know what Kieron Pollard was thinking by not bowling Jasprit Bumrah for 2 or 3 overs. They could have been 40/7, 50/7. CSK could have been 60, 70, or 80 all out. I’m not being silly when I say that. You have got to bowl your fast, strike bowlers,” said Pietersen.

Kevin Pietersen went on to say that the Mumbai Indians gave the CSK team a chance to play in the game. He continued by noting that aside should not put spinners and fielders on the boundary line when the opponents are at 40/4 down.

They were allowed into the game. There is nowhere in this world that they should have been in this game. Mumbai Indians should have cleaned them out. These are things that are discussed in team meetings. If you had been 40/4 or something like that, you don’t bring spinners in and if you do, you don’t put fielders in the boundary,” concluded Pietersen.