ICC Intentionally Prevented Ravi Ashwin From Being Banned- Says Saeed Ajmal

Ravi Ashwin Was Kept Away from Being Banned
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Ravi Ashwin has to be the cricketer who is often in the news for sharing comments or making suggestions. Sanjay Manjrekar was the first to criticize India’s star spinner, claiming that he is not yet an “all-time great player.” While the debate continues on, another response has arrived, this time from former Pakistan off-spinner Saeed Ajmal. During that period, Ashwin was kept out of the game, according to the 43-year-old. stay with us to know Ravi Ashwin Was Kept Away from Being Banned

During his period with the Pakistan team from 2008 to 2015, Ajmal has a history of being called out by the International Cricket Council (ICC) for illegal actions. In 2010, a year later, Ashwin made his international debut to Ajmal and was a regular Indian team member. Ajmal, on the other hand, thought something wasn’t quite right and expressed his dissatisfaction.

“You changed all these rules and regulations without asking anyone. I was playing cricket for the last eight years. All those rules were for me. That’s it. During that period, Ashwin was out from cricket for six months. Why is that? So you can work on him and your bowler doesn’t get banned. They don’t care if a Pakistan bowler gets banned. They only care about money,” Ajmal told as quoted by Cricwick.

Thousands of people have questioned me this, and I don’t know the answer-  Saeed Ajmal

When asked about the semi-final match between India and Pakistan at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, in which Ajmal tried to obtain Sachin Tendulkar’s wicket before the DRS interrupted and the result was reversed, the 43-year-old refused to comment. The legendary cricketer made 78 runs to help India qualify for the World Cup finals.

“The umpire who gave Tendulkar out, he would be ready to give the statement that he got it right. And the meaning is pretty clear. The DRS can be checked manually. You can alter it at any stage. I don’t know about that but even if I see it now and any umpire sees that he will think that this will go on to hit the stumps. But that missed the stumps. Thousands of people have questioned me this, and I don’t know the answer.”

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