Ganguly Says ‘Judge Jay Shah Independently, Not As Amit Shah’s Son’

Ganguly ‘Judge Jay Shah independently, not as Amit Shah’s son’,
Ganguly ‘Judge Jay Shah independently, not as Amit Shah’s son’,

Sourav Ganguly, The president of the board of control of cricket in India wants people to judge jay shah, secretary of BCCI as an individual and not as the son Amit Shah who is union home minister and former president of BJP(  Bharatiya Janata Party). Meanwhile, former BCCI President Anurag Thakur’s younger brother Arun Singh Dhumal appointed as treasurer. Jayesh George appointed as joint-secretary of BCCI and Mahim Verma Appointed as BCCI’s vice president these are the newly appointed office-bearers of the Indian cricket team.

“Judge Jay Shah on his performance, not as Amit Shah’s son,”

At India today conclave 2019 a reporter asked Sourav Ganguly about criticism faced by him on appointing jay shah as secretary of BCCI. Sourav Ganguly said to judge him as an individual, not as minister’s son. He also took the example of Sachin Tendulkar and his son Arjun and how he is judged on his father, instead of his individual performances

Sourav Ganguly said “I want to say the same thing for Jay Shah. So, what if he is the son of Amit Shah? He won an election. He was involved in the Gujarat cricket association(GCA) for the last 6-7 years. He should be allowed to be on his own. His father is a minister. He is not. I think he should be judged independently. It’s been just one month I have started working with him. He is adjustable, he is fantastic, he wants to work for the good of Indian cricket,”

“Why should Sachin Tendulkar’s son Arjun be stopped from playing because he is Tendulkar’s son. It does not happen in Australia, it doesn’t happen in England. Mark Waugh, Steve Waugh played in Australia. They were brothers and both went on to play 100 Test matches. Tom Curran and Sam Curran are playing for England. I see this as an issue. Everybody has to be judged as individuals,” he added

Sourav Ganguly opines there was nothing wrong with influential people holding important positions in the Indian cricket board. He believes that cricket is the biggest thing in this part of the world which attracts people of big repute, something that has happened in the past and will continue to happen in the future as well.


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