Wriddhiman Saha Gives Clear Answer On Priorities In Times Of Coronavirus

Wriddhiman Saha Gives Clear Answer On Priorities In Times Of Coronavirus
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Life And Family Comes First: Wriddhiman Saha

There’s a lot of discussion around Wriddhiman Saha vying for a spot in the Indian Team with Rishabh Pant. But the veteran wicketkeeper, known to be one of the finest in the industry, said he is always trying to teach his younger colleague how to be better behind the stumps. Saha made it clear that there is no competition between them and the duo is getting along really well.

Back in the fold after treating a finger injury he picked up against Bangladesh during last November’s pink- match, Saha wasn’t part of the first XI for the two Tests India played with Pant given the nod in New Zealand.

“We (Rishabh and me) keep joking around. We practice together, and we continue to chat about the game and elsewhere, too. He’s always try to perform the best. We have had a conversation about a few issues,” Saha said in an interview, taking time out of his daddy’s duty.

“I have told a few things to Rishabh that he should try according to his comfort zone. He’ll try when he’s practicing. It’s not like that he is going to do something for a day, and it’s going to work. And if he thinks these ideas are going to work for him, he should try to apply them in his preparation, “Saha said.

Prodded more on the guidance he offered Pant, 22, who has expected to take over from M.S. Dhoni, added Saha: “It’s not like tips. It is just a discussion. I assured him these are stuff that I am doing, and it helps to make my work easier. You should test these as well, to see how anything fits for you. Look, that’s personal things. But yeah, we discuss wicketkeeping.

“As India’s next Test tour to Australia rolls along, Saha will be 36. Asked about the future for him who wasn’t selected for the New Zealand series, Saha said though it’s normal for any player to anticipate in the next series, first comes the squad.

After three months, Saha played an official red-ball match as he turned up against Saurashtra in the Ranji Trophy final for Bengal. Bengal fought hard but lost the contest in five days.

We all play for India:

“Bengal has played so well all season. They have played challenging en-route games to the final. I would have preferred Bengal to capture the Ranji Trophy. But that is a sport. It was a 50-50 contest, until the fifth day. But on the fifth day, we lost early wickets, so it turned difficult for us,” said Saha, who appeared in his first Ranji game.

Cooped up at home with the government of West Bengal on Sunday ordering the full lockdown of Kolkata amid the coronavirus pandemic, Saha said the family is always on guard regarding the precautions to be taken, particularly with a newborn baby in the room. Lately, the 35-year-old welcomed his second baby, a boy.

“We aren’t going out at all. People are also coming over less, and we hold the necessary distance when chatting, even though they are. The child is in a safe condition. He is still at home, and we make sure our hands are thoroughly sanitized if we touch him,” he added.


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