Best Tennis Cricket Bat

Best Tennis Cricket Bat
Best Tennis Cricket Bat
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India and the Indian sub-continent form the biggest cricketing base in the world. The passion to be the next Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, and Mahendra Singh Dhoni runs through the veins of many kids. Indian kids emulate batting superstars. Hence we see a battery of batters ready to take over the mantle at any given point in time. let’s Look at Best Tennis Cricket Bat.

The first cricketing seeds are sowed at the gully or street level. Young impressionable kids take up the sport in a bid to be the next cricketing icon. Tennis ball cricket plays a big role in the process.

What is Tennis ball cricket? Are there specially designed tennis bats?

Aspiring cricketers take to tennis ball cricket in their growing-up years. It is their first step towards a larger goal. The tennis bats play a big role in shaping up these dreams. We often see kids playing gully cricket. These street cricket fuels the dream of many youngsters. They often engage in high-intensity competition playing games amongst and against each other. Most of these games are played using the tennis ball and bat. The bounce generated, the bat swing is an experience that can only be felt.

Tennis bats aid stroke-making. Kids tend to apply the grip and oil it for better results. These bats are specially designed for tennis balls. As these bats are lightweight they help counter the balls nicely. Batsmen tend to hit long and far using them. There are hundreds of tennis bats available in the market. This brings us to the question of which one of them is the best?

StumpsandBails brings to you the list of best tennis cricket bats:

#1 LYCAN Stunner

The LYCAN bat is for those who wish to hit the ball long and hard. These bats are big. It aids stroke play. LYCAN bats are ideal for soft/tennis balls. These bats are made with PVC plastic, hence generate a lot of power. These bats have a long shelf life too. 

#2 SMT M_F Genius

The SMT M_F Genius Virat Kohli willow is one of its kind tennis bats. Kids aged 8-15 can wield this beautiful-looking bat. The makers design these bats in two variants, the long and short handle. These bats are flexible and one can really wield it as per their wish. They possess a sturdy and thick blade. The USP of these bats are that they come with a shock-absorbent feature.

#3 JAYKAL Heavy Wooden Bats

The JAYKAL heavy wooden tennis bats are designed with a purpose to inspire the young cricketing talent. They possess a wide range of bat covers that resemble the ones that cricketing legends use while playing. These bats aren’t just visually pleasing and robust but are cost-effective too. The length of this bat is 82 cm, the handle is 25 cm long, and it has a width of 11 cm.

#4 SUNLEY Sarthak 

A good tennis bat enhances the experience of playing tennis ball cricket. SUNLEY Sarthak tennis bats made up of first-string hard plastic do exactly that. These bats come with 2.5-inch wide edge. They are available in black colour as well.

#5 ELEVAR Gully

The customized ELEVAR Gully Kashmir willow bats offer a variety of options. The 1000 gram variant bats are designed for playing softballs. 1050, 1100 gram tennis bat variants are designed to counter hard tennis balls. This 850 mm ICC standard bat is a batter’s delight.

What is stopping you from buying one of these? Go get your hands on them and explore the magic of batting.

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