BCCI Postpones Con Call With IPL Franchise Owners

BCCI Initiates Four Stage Plan For Team India During Quarantine
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BCCI Has Delayed A Scheduled Conference Call With The IPL Franchise Owners:

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, IPL is already suspended till 15th April. But the uncertainty about this 13th season IPL  is growing when on Tuesday (24-03-2020) the BCCI postponed a pre-scheduled conference with the owners of the franchise.

The extravagant T20 tournament is looking at a possibility of cancellation because of the deadly COVID-19 outbreak, which has led to nearly 16,000 deaths all over the world. In India, there are more than 400 cases and nine deaths to date and the whole nation is in lockdown till 31st March.

The co-owner of Kings XI Punjab, Ness Wadia told PTI “First is humanity, everything comes second. The condition has not improved, so there is no point in conducting the meeting. In case IPL doesn’t happen this year so be it.”

Another franchise official said “There is no point to discuss anything about IPL at this situation. The whole nation is in lockdown. All we have to deal with other things, which are much more important than IPL.

Further Ness Wadia added that “At this situation, I can’t even think about IPL. Now it is inappropriate with everything else. The only appropriate is in what we are staying in and it is a world war three conditions where all are fighting to help a lot of people”.

He also said that “ The government of India has taken crucial steps. Maximum times we criticize the government but for the important & practical steps they have taken to control the virus, we should congratulate them. A big country like India has suspended all flights is not a small thing. This is a very big and important step.”

BCCI opinion:

However, the BCCI is delaying the declaration hoping for situations to improve.

A BCCI official said that “If such a big game like Olympics can be delayed by one year, in that regard IPL is nothing. It is becoming more difficult to organize. In this situation, the government of India is not even thinking about allowing foreign visas.”


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