Asia Cup Is likely To Happen In Sri Lanka

Asia Cup

In case the men’s Asia Cup gets a green signal to go ahead this year, most probably it will take place in Sri Lanka. From many discussions, it is found that the Asia Cup tournament will be played in the month of September.

Although previously it was decided that Asia Cup will be hosted by Pakistan this year, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) offered Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) to swap hosting years of Asia Cup at a meeting of Asian Cricket Council (ACC) earlier this week. In that meeting, SLC is handing over its 2022 Asia Cup hosting rights to PCB. The decision is taken by considering the relationship between India and Pakistan, which is becoming frosty at present and PCB can’t take the risk of organizing a tournament involving India. In addition to that, the COVID-19 pandemic situation is better in Sri Lanka as compared to other potential host countries.

But there is still some doubt about the Asia Cup tournament as per the plan because of the logistical restrictions and numerous hurdles posed by the pandemic. Hosting a tournament involving many nations would clearly need a much larger level of medical activities to say nothing of the restrictions on travel that every team will face. Now, Sri Lanka Cricket Board has been desperately trying but not able to confirm the organizing bilateral home series against Bangladesh and India that had been scheduled to be held in this middle of the year. The Asia Cup, which is normally seen a minimum of six nations competing, seems far off.

Since the year 2010, Sri Lanka has not organized an Asia Cup but will pleasure to take the chance to show the country as a safer place to host the tournament. The executive council of ACC has not approved the swapping of host nations till yet but expected to assure the plans of hosting before the month-end.


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