Aus-PM Declares COVID-19 Rules Relaxations To Allow Sporting Events

COVID-19 Australia PM

On Friday, Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia declared some relaxations on the restrictions imposed due to coronavirus. The relaxations include allowing different sports stadiums, which has 40,000 seating capability can host up to 10,000 audiences from the next month. After a discussion on a National Cabinet meeting, Scott Morrison announces these changes, which would apply to several sporting events like sporting tournaments, festivals, concerts, although the selected venues would be able to seat only 25% of their full capacity. He said that the States were starting work towards rules for giving permission to the stadiums up to a capacity of 40,000 seats to organize an event involving 10,000 audiences from the month of July.

The Australia Prime Minister said “The venue should be a large, open area. There also would have to be seated at a suitable distance. It is necessary to be ticketed so that audience would be able to know who is going to be present at the event.” Also, he added that the overall rules for such kind of venues were being worked out with the help of chief health officers across the whole country.

Scott Morrison also declared the changes to reopen the economy with meeting kept at 100 persons in the plan, as an alternative to being administered by the rule of four-square-meter and a pilot program to bring back the international students to Australia.

He announced “ For larger areas that will give greater scope. This is a problem as you know it very well that is caused by large heartaches in the whole community.”

 Also, he added “ I am pretty much sure that we will enjoy these upcoming changes. In case they are big funerals, they can include more people if they have outdoor venues with proper seating arrangements.”

Regarding the foreign students and opening borders, Scott Morrison said “ Now we are working on states and territories, at first on a pilot basis to enable, in a very guarded setting, for international students  can come to Australia but just on pre-approved plans for some organizations.”

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