Why Did Rahul Dravid Lost His Cool On MS Dhoni In 2006? Sehwag Reveals The Truth


Rahul Dravid, who is known for his calm and collected nature and was always a serene figure on the pitch. However, Indian ace Virender Sehwag revealed a story when Dravid lost his cool and the victim of his outburst was none other than MS Dhoni. Sehwag recalled an incident when Dravid gave young Dhoni a piece of mind during India’s ODI clash against Pakistan in 2006.

When Rahul Dravid lost his cool on MS Dhoni

Sehwag said – “I have seen Rahul Dravid get angry. When we were in Pakistan, and back then MS Dhoni was a newcomer. Dhoni played a shot and got caught at point, Dravid was very angry with MS Dhoni. ‘That’s the way you play? You should finish the game’. I was myself taken aback by Dravid’s English outburst although I didn’t understand half of it.”

MS Dhoni’s problem with picking up a call

Virender Sehwag also re-visited a funny incident related to MS Dhoni. “Once it happened that the BCCI secretary (name not revealed) called MS and he didn’t pick up the call. When the secretary next time met him, he gave a special phone to MS and told him that when this one rings, you need to pick it up.

“Because there would be board meetings (selection) and as a captain, he was required to attend those calls. From that time, MS had that phone provided by BCCI and I don’t know whether it’s still there,” said Sehwag. “But yes, he has a personal number,” said Sehwag.


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