Virat Kohli’s 5 Greatest Test Captaincy Moments

Virat Kohli’s Test Captaincy Moments
Kohli's 5 Greatest Test moments
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Virat Kohli shook everyone yesterday when he quit the captaincy of the Test team. The announcement came after India’s Test series loss to South Africa. Winning a series in South Africa was Virat Kohli’s final frontier. The disappointment was writ large on his face after India slipped to a loss. But nobody expected Kohli to resign from Test captaincy. After all, he had won everywhere across the world bar New Zealand. Kohli’s record is second to none in world cricket. It is in fact on par with the best the game has ever seen. Here are Virat Kohli’s Test Captaincy Moments

Virat Kohli’s Test Captaincy Moments

#5 The Fitness and pace bowling revolution

Virat Kohli had a clear roadmap for the Indian Test team. He was hell-bent on fitness being the most important parameter. Kohli realised that for teams to be successful in the long run they have to stay fit. It was under his regime that the Indian players embraced fitness like never before. This aspect helped Indian bowlers to deliver long spells under trying conditions. 

It was here where the fast bowling revolution also took shape. The careers of Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav, and Mohammad Shami were revived. They became different bowlers under Kohli’s captaincy. Kohli’s vision to induct Jasprit Bumrah on the South Africa tour in 2018 was a pivotal moment in Indian Test cricket. The Indian fast bowlers started hunting in packs. They were no longer passengers they were the aggressors. All this was made possible mainly owing to Kohli’s faith in them.

#4 Leading the series 2-1 in England

Kohli’s India lost 1-4 in 2018 in England. The series was a very closely fought affair though the scoreline suggests otherwise. Kohli was disappointed and conceded that India couldn’t seize the important moments. It was one tour that Kohli badly wanted India to succeed. India began their England tour in 2021 with all earnestness. They were in pole position in the first Test only for rain to snatch the victory away from them. 

India scored a historic win at Lords on the final day in the last session. It was a come-from-behind win of epic proportions. Kohli’s theatre created a rousing atmosphere at the home of cricket. India went on to win the fourth Test at the Oval thereby winning games at the most iconic venues. The Indian team currently leads the series 2-1 with a Test to play.

#3 Unbeaten Record At Home

India were a strong force at home even before Kohli’s tenure. But India lost an odd series every now and then. Under MS Dhoni, India could only level the series with South Africa in 2008 and 2010. They lost to England 1-2 in 2012. A defeat that sent shockwaves across Indian cricket.

Kohli’s first series as Test captain at home was against South Africa in 2015. India mauled Proteas 3-0. This marked Kohli’s home dominance run. India lost just home 2 Tests in 7 years of his reign. Kohli led India to 13 home series victories in his tenure. An unmatchable record!

#2 Winning the maiden Test series in Australia

India finally won a Test series in Australia in 2018-19. In more than 70 years of their Test-playing experience, it was the first time they won a series down under. It was Kohli’s driving ambition to win a Test series in Australia. India won the 4-Test rubber 2-1 with the game in Sydney being rain-affected else the scorecard could have been 3-1.

Kohli’s team dominated the Aussies and bullied them into submission. Critics argue that India didn’t play the strongest Australian unit. But to defeat them at home was a joy unparalleled. It easily remains Kohli’s crowning glory.

#1 Favourites Tag everywhere

Kohli took over the Indian Test captaincy mantle when they were ranked seventh. India since then have gone on to win 5 Test maces. An award that is presented to the Test side for finishing at number 1 at the end of every year. Kohli’s India didn’t just compete they dominated across the world.

India started favourites across all conditions. They did suffer the odd loss here and then. But India currently remains the best travelling side in the world. In addition, to being even challenged at home, India have built a fantastic reputation. Kohli has signed off with India at the top of the rankings. Not many captains can boast of such a legacy!

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