Top Brands To Bid For Team India Apparel Rights

Adidas Puma

Puma and Adidas are interested to involve with Indian cricket:

The two renowned sports kits manufacturers, Puma and Adidas are very much interested to involve with the Indian cricket team. On Saturday (29th August 2020) when the Indian cricket Board, BCCI gets bids for the kitting apparel rights of the Indian team, both the sports kits manufacturers with some of the other companies eying on this arena.

As per the media report, Adidas, a sports brand gets involved with the game cricket through doing a partnership with players, and a top cricket goods manufacturer has got the required permissions from the board to bid. The biggest opponent of Adidas, Puma, a firm that manufactures and designs casual and athletic footwear worldwide also interested in this space.

The industry executives said “Even after getting a partnership with Indian captain, Virat, Puma has never got that space they want and Nike sponsored the Indian team. In case they received the team jersey, it will be a win-win.”

The American sports apparel firm, Nike- the outgoing apparel rights holder was involved with the Indian cricket team for long 15 years is unlikely to come to space.

As per the previous report, the basic cost in the tender has been going down to Rs 621 lakh per match, which is 31% down. The active contract with Nike, which has run out now, saw the sports goods manufacture paying the BCCI Rs 88 lakh per match with a separate minimum guarantee of nearly Rs 6 crore per year.  MyCircle11, the fantasy league platform, the company that has endorsed by Sourav Ganguly is also predicting to include in this table.

The tender emphasizes that the Indian Cricket Board will receive bids from different organizations that do not essentially sports apparel or kit manufacturer, so long as these bidders ensure that they have a back-end connection with sports apparel/kit firms.


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