Sunil Gavaskar: Present Indian Test Team Best In History Of Indian Cricket

Present Indian Test Team

Indian batting ace Sunil Gavaskar heaped huge praise on the current Indian cricket team under the captaincy of Virat Kohli. The legendary cricketer compared the present Indian test team to that of Steve Waugh’s Australia regarding their winning records. India have now proved themselves on Australian soil and defeated England recently in all three formats of the game.

Earlier, Gavaskar pointed out that this team has won everywhere. The Indian team has won Tests in South Africa and England while winning series in Australia, West Indies and Sri Lanka. 

Sunil Gavaskar Compared Virat Kohli’s Current Side With Great Steve Waugh’s Australia

Sunil Gavaskar has compared India Team with the greats. According to Indian batting legend Sunil Gavaskar, this Indian team is consistently doing well against the best in the world. He mentioned captains like Steve Waugh, Clive Llyod and Viv Richards in comparison earlier. Gavaskar said Kohli’s India has played dominant cricket like Clive Lloyd and Viv Richards West Indies team and won matches consistently like Steve Waugh’s Australia.

“It certainly is, look at the way they are consistently, regularly, winning matches and therefore. You know with Steve Waugh’s team in the 90s. Then you look at the West Indies team’s dominance under Clive Lloyd and Viv Richards and Brian Lara sort of for a few years. So when you have a team which is as good as West Indies and Australia in its history perhaps. In the 1970s through 1980s also some teams won consistently. This team has won everywhere,” Gavaskar said on Star Sports.

Gavaskar also said that the game is favoured heavily in favour of batsmen. “The boundaries should be made bigger. I remember when we were playing in Sharjah batsmen like Viv Richards, Gordon Greenidge and Clive Lloyd were caught on the boundary. Now, even mishits are sailing over. So if we make the boundaries slightly bigger, it’ll be better for the bowlers.”

Gavaskar also wanted no extra runs to be given to the batsman if a fielder effects a direct hit and the ball ricochets – recognise the fielder’s effort and call it a dead ball – and penalise runs for a team not lax over-rate.



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