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Shakib Al Hasan Wants Mosaddek Hossain To Be At Number Three

Bangladesh skipper Shakib Al Hasan wanted to send Mosaddek Hossain at number three. Mosaddek was seen to make an impressive score of 48 even being at number eight, in the first innings against Afghanistan but later made only 12 in the second inning in Chattogram.

“When results don’t go your way, then planning is blamed. Mosaddek looked most comfortable among us during the first innings against spin. And we faced a lot of spins, so we planned last night that if he bats upwards and plays like that, he can play a big inning,”  – Shakib told.

“He already has the experience of playing big innings. He has scored four or five double hundred at first-class level. And at the same time, he could be effective against the left-arm spinner. The plan was to not give a wicket to Nabi, and he did not get a wicket in that first spell.” – Shakib added.

Bangladesh was trying hard against Afghanistan in their maiden Test match at Chattogram.  They were to chase a target of 398 runs but couldn’t reach it, with last two recognized batsmen Shakib Al Hasan and Soumya Sarkar at the crease.

“You can say both [technical and mental]. Because we don’t play wrist-spinners whether it’s left or right-handed, it’s something new for us. So we will have some issues with planning, no matter how much preparation we do. We brought many wrist spinners and practiced against them in the nets. Until you play in the match and become successful, the practice would not help much.” – Shakib told.

“I won’t say anyone had a problem with their approach, the problem was in execution. What was lacking was playing with a big heart,” – he said.

Shakib went on to explain how the fact that they are playing Test cricket on their mind, limiting their ups and downs in the play.

“When you play with fear, you will face problems with execution. Like Liton, when he plays T20s he plays the reverse sweep shot, but he could not do it in Tests. It’s a failure for him and the team. Coach has said the same; he wants us to play with an open mind. Actually, we play with fear (in Test cricket). It is cricket, not everything. But sometimes we take it as everything so it increases the pressure on us.” – he added.

Shakib added that he still feels they have a chance in the Test match. “We still need more than 270 runs but still there is me and Soumya, and both of us have to score hundreds. It is difficult but nothing is impossible. And there is rain and it can also save us.” – Shakib said.

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