MS Dhoni To Set Up A Cricket Academy In Ranchi

MS Dhoni
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MS Dhoni’s speculation on making a comeback is still dominating the news. It is uncertain whether Dhoni will retake the field or not in the upcoming matches for India.

However, the wicketkeeper-batsman has been in touch with the sport outside the field and is determined to open an academy in his hometown of Ranchi to bring up aspiring cricketers.

Arka sports, an organization of Dhoni’s long-time friend Mihir Diwakar, has been searching for a piece of land so as to set up the academy as per the plan in a period of two years. It was also reported that they have the option of tying up the academy with a local school.

The source was quoted as saying “Aarka Sports, a company of Dhoni’s childhood friend and manager Mihir Diwakar, has been looking for a piece of land to open an academy and if all goes as per plan, we shall see an academy in the city in the next couple of years,”.

Dhoni has also established academies in Indore, Delhi, Patna, Bokaro, Nagpur, Varanasi. An academy is also planned to be built in Siliguri.

Speaking of Dhoni’s immediate future, coach Ravi Shastri criticized the people calling for his retirement and hailed him for what he has achieved for the nation.

Shastri said, “Half the guys commenting on Dhoni can’t even tie their shoelaces. Look at what he’s achieved for the country. Why are people in a hurry to see him off? Maybe, they don’t find enough talking points. Let me say this: M.S. Dhoni has earned the right to retire when he wants to. And let this debate end once and for all”.


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