Kohli Should Be Cautious On-Field Activities, Millions Of Kids Are Watching Him: Deep Dasgupta

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Cricket fans are well aware that Indian captain Virat Kohli is a guy of many emotions. His activity rates are significantly high when he enters the field. Kohli’s emotions are always spectacular, whether it was a wicket celebration or accepting a catch. Deep Dasgupta on Virat Kohli’s WTC final antics.

There are millions of kids watching, he needs to choose his gestures carefully: Deep Dasgupta on Virat Kohli’s WTC final antics

The Indian captain’s ‘shush finger’ gesture at the World Test Championship final against New Zealand has become the talk of the town. According to Kiwi left-arm fast Neil Wagner, Kohli reacted to the Southampton fans who were attempting to get in under his emotions.

Furthermore, former Indian wicketkeeper-batsman Deep Dasgupta has advised that Kohli should be more cautious in his on-field actions. During a live YouTube chat, the former cricketer was questioned if Kohli’s shush finger gesture at certain New Zealand fans during the WTC final was justified.


In response, Dasgupta claimed that Kohli is cool and controlled off the field, but that he may get swept up during a game.

I wasn’t there so obviously I don’t know. But with Virat, the thing is, personally the way he behaves helps him motivate himself. That’s how he gets himself going. If you meet him off the field, he’s one of the calmest people you’ll come across”.

“He’s calm, quiet, soft-spoken, and very well-spoken too. But once he steps on the field, his attitude changes. I think that’s his way of motivating himself. If that works for him, and I have said this [before], it’s absolutely fine. At the end of the day, you want him to score runs. How he scores runs, how he wins games for India, we’ll leave that to him,” he added.

“I agree (he needs to choose his words and gestures in the right way), some of the things, I know he gets carried away. As you said, there are kids who are watching him, he’s a role model for millions of kids and I agree with that,” Dasgupta concluded.

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