Mohammed Siraj Ultimate Spell Crumble Sri Lanka down to 50/10 

IND vs SL Asia Cup 2023 Final Update
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IND vs SL Asia Cup 2023 Final Update



IND vs SL Asia Cup 2023 Final – First Innings Updates 

IND vs. SL First Innings Update: The Asia Cup 2023 Final began with anticipation as Sri Lanka won the toss and opted to bat first. However, while India was settling into their playing style, Burma picked up an early wicket, dashed their hopes. Mohammed Siraj, the fiery Indian pacer, stunned everyone with a dazzling performance during the Asia Cup 2023 Final just as the game was about to become a nail-biter.

Sri Lanka’s aspirations were dashed as soon as the game started when they lost an early wicket. India quickly settled into their playing style, creating the conditions for a thrilling match. But what happened over the course of the following few overs was nothing short of a cricketing miracle.

Miya Magic from Mohammed Siraj

When Siraj picked up the ball during his second over, everything started. He dismissed four Sri Lankan batsmen in the space of just six deliveries. The Sri Lankan batting order was completely decimated during that extraordinary over of swing and seam bowling. Jasprit Bumrah had already scored the opening goal, establishing the tone for the subsequent play.

After taking four wickets, Siraj’s skill didn’t end; he kept harassing the Sri Lankan team. The opposition was confused by his persistent accuracy, lethal inswing, and cunning outswing deliveries. He took the wicket of Sri Lankan skipper Dasun Sanaka, which further cemented his reputation as a legend in the game of cricket. Siraj had a magnificent five-wicket haul at the end of his spell while only allowing four runs to be scored.

After that, Siraj added another wicket, that of Kusal Mendis, bringing his total to six. To add salt to the wounds of Sri Lanka’s batting order and finish the first inning in style, Vice Captain Hardik Pandya did not hold back either. He went on to claim three wickets. 

Sri Lankan batting lineup is Completely Dismantled 

15.2 overs later, Sri Lanka was reduced to 50/10. The Sri Lankan batsmen were left gasping for explanations due to the bowling prowess of Siraj, Burmah, and Hardik. It was a standout performance by the Indian bowlers, especially Mohammed Siraj, whose ability to wring movement off the surface of the ball and his unflinching accuracy will be remembered for centuries. 

Indian in Control of Game 

Mohammed Siraj’s enchanted wand not only destroyed Sri Lanka’s batting order, but it also helped India gain the upper hand in the Asia Cup 2023 Final. Cricket fans and professionals alike were in awe of his incredible achievement, which demonstrated the elegance of fast bowling. 

Now India has to chase down 51 runs from 50 overs to win the Asia Cup 2023 and become seven-time Asia Cup Champions. 

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