I Am Looking Forward To Bowling Alongside Him- Yuzvendra Chahal

Yuzvendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav
Image Source: Twitter.com

Yuzvendra Chahal Speaks About Coping With Lockdown:

When Yuzvendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav have answered the call from India’s team management for wrist spin as a way forward in 2017 in limited over cricket, they establish themselves as an excellent bowling couple.

Leg spinner Chahal will be a crucial Indian player in October-November for the T20 World Cup in Australia. In a chat, the 29-year-old talked about the routine since cricket stopped, including lessons about how to shake the lockdown.

“In the morning, I’m following a strict practice plan. The Indian fitness trainer provided the program, and I developed it during the lockdown time. PS4 and PUBG were both hooked on. I’ve just registered online for dance courses. I practice various styles of dances for three days a week. I find this hobby in this lockdown.”

“The most difficult one for us would be to play on the ground without fans. We used to pack with IPL grounds. The way things have created and how the tournament has designed remains to see as it happens.”

As we played junior crickets together, we knew each other for many years. Our off-field relationship is good for us. It’s good. We have pretty good confidence and faith in each other’s games. I ‘d say we’ve both grown and matured as cricketers. It is incredible to bowl together while putting pressure on batsmen from both sides. I look forward very much soon to bowling with him.

Test Cricket Is The Most Challenging:

Three years have played in the Mumbai Indians with Bhajji paaji. He was an influential person. As a spinner and strike the batsman, I learned from him how to be violent. Ashwin Bhai is a professional bowler. I hope that I can follow them and serve India for a long time.

In cricket, the Test match is the most complicated. Ashwin Bhai and Jaddu (Ravindra Jadeja) plus Kuldeep have been doing well for India in recent years. I want to play Tests, too, but I have more red-ball cricket to watch at the home level for that. Only 31 first-class games I have played. Perhaps I need to spend more time bowling and also make an impression in the Ranji Trophy.

The stories of both. I have played Virat Paaji‘s U-15 cricket. When it comes to discipline, he set an example and motivate others, he is unbelievable. Even though a batsman is hitting me, Virat turns towards me and tells me about it. This report is also available while we are playing for RCB. Like elder brothers are Virat and Rohit Bhai. For India, both have done so much. All of us are inspired.


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