Former Australia Captain Michael Clarke Finds It Difficult To See Premier Batsman Steve Smith Playing In The Next IPL

Steve Smith Playing In The Next IPL

IPL 2021 Auction is completed in some style with South African international Chris Morris getting the highest bid ever in IPL history. Rajasthan Royals picked him up for 16.25 crore. Interestingly, Australian batsmen Steve Smith only went for a total of 2.20 crores. Steve Smith had a base price of 2 crores and Royal Challengers Bangalore opened the bid with Delhi Capitals joining a bid of 2.20 crore. We saw RCB opting out of the completely strange bid and nobody else thought of purchasing Steve Smith. The 31-year-old was sold for 2.20 crore which is such a bargain for Delhi Capitals. Here We Find Steve Smith Playing In The Next IPL

Micheal Clarke Feels Steven Smith Might Not Play IPL 2021

Former Australia captain Michael Clarke finds it difficult to see premier batsman Steve Smith playing in the next IPL after fetching just ₹2.2 crores in the recent auctions, which left many surprised. Clarke was surprised that a batsman of Smith’s calibre could not command more than what Delhi Capitals paid to buy him and felt he might pull out of the tournament due to “little hamstring strain”.

“I know his T20 performances haven’t been as good as he would have liked – last year’s IPL he wasn’t great. I’m very surprised he has gone for the amount of money he has, just under $400,000 – which is still good money,” Clarke said. “But when you look at what he was getting (last season) and his role as captain of Rajasthan, don’t be surprised if there’s a little hamstring strain the day the plane is meant to fly to India,” Clarke said on the Big Sports Breakfast Podcast.

Clarke feels that steven Smith won’t play the tournament for 11 weeks leaving his family and friends for $3,80,000. 8 weeks for IPL and quarantine weeks makes it 11.

Clarke continued, “I’m really interested to see if he gets a tight hamstring and doesn’t go.” “Or if it goes the other and he says I do want to go and play in this T20 World Cup and I do want to get picked up for more money in the next IPL. I am going to go there, I don’t care for the money and will prove people wrong.” Clarke rated Smith among the top three batsmen in the world where.


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