Existing Franchises Are Permitted Four Retentions In IPL 2022

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Since the conclusion of the 2021 season of the Indian Premier League (IPL), discussions have centered on the forthcoming mega auction IPL 2022 as well as the retention rules. With the addition of 2 new clubs, all franchises would have to rebuild their squads from the ground up; however, the BCCI has yet to provide a formal statement on the number of players each team may keep.

The board of the IPL 2018 auction permitted teams to keep up to 3 players and implemented the Right to Match (RTM) card regulation, which helped the franchise keep its core players. According to recent reports, the IPL clubs and the BCCI have committed to up to 4 retentions before the tournament.

No team is permitted to keep more than 2 uncapped players : IPL 2022

“A team would be permitted to maintain up to 3 Indian and 2 foreign players, with the overall number of retention policies not surpassing (4)”.  There might also be a limit on how many uncapped players a side can keep, with no team being permitted to keep more than 2.

Furthermore, it’s been reported that each club will receive a player pay of INR 90 crore at the bidding, with the maximum rising to INR 95 and INR 100 crore in the following 2 years. Additionally, any club that wants to keep 4 players will have to spend roughly 40-45 percent of their budget, putting them with around 35-40 crore less than a franchise that doesn’t want to keep any star.

The existing 8 teams have been advised that the 2 new clubs will be permitted to pick 2-3 players outside of the auction. If the big Indian stars are not really available, the new teams can add up to 2 international players to their lineup outside of the bidding. For this huge auction, the RTM policy is expected to be maintained.

Following the confirmation of two more franchises on October 25, the BCCI is anticipated to make an official announcement addressing the retention rules before the IPL 2022 big auction.

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