England Vs Pakistan Live Cricket Score 3rd Test Day 3: England Enforce Follow On As Pakistan Trail By 310 Runs

Stuart Broad Backs England's Ashes Trip

Welcome to the complete updates of 3rd Test match of England vs Pakistan at Rose Bowl in Southampton:

Zak Crawley, Jos Buttler Partnership Sends All-Time Test Records Crashing:

Zak Crawley, who had 314 test runs from 11 innings before the 3rd Test vs Pakistan, scored a remarkable 267 before falling to the Asad Shafiq part-time spinner on Day 2. The 22-year-old ‘s highest score before this match was 76. Crawley’s First Class average is less than 31, but the commanding presence he had against Pakistan showed no lack of confidence. How he used his height to get to the top of the ball against the seamers, and to make long strides against the spinners, is close to how Kevin Pietersen went about beating him, Michael Atherton said.

Day 3 – Anderson Closes In On Historic Mark:

Day 3 to start in a couple of minutes. Azhar Ali, Pakistan’s out-of-form captain, is going to go to the top of the series, with the middle order left after Anderson ‘s opening spell accounted for the top order yesterday. Anderson is on 596 test wickets, hitting an unparalleled milestone in cricket. No pacer has ever taken more. Pakistan needs a big turnaround to battle this match.

Day 3 Begins:

Anderson is going to restart his over. Asad Shafiq, in five faces. And Anderson ‘s going to get some air into the pads right away. Single for the start of the day. Stuart Wide bowls from the other side. Shafiq is going to get three runs with a push through the covers. PAK 28/3 of 12.

Fourth Wicket:

Rain in the rain, man. Field workers are preparing to get fitted for the covers. Yet the game has been going on for now, and Anderson is having another one! Someone’s stopping him! Wicket number 597, please! Asad Shafiq has been captured by Heart. Pakistan ‘s four downstairs and in a huge hole of their own digging. Shahfiq is heading for 5. PAK 30/4 of 12.5

Rain Stops Play:

And with that 4th wicket, all the players are going down. The covers are coming with the rain coming. There’s also a strong wind blowing, and the rain can soon be clear because of that. Okay, that’s the good news for England and Anderson, who’s raring to get free. Pakistan’s dressing room, on the other hand, would have long faces. They ‘re behind by 553.


The covers are already off. At the time being, the rain has stopped in what appears to be another stop-start day. The game is scheduled to start again in less than 10 minutes. Fawad Alam is likely to join Azhar Ali in Pakistan’s limp resistance.

Play Restarts Under Bright Sunshine:

Play restarts. The new man, Fawad Alam, faces a ball in the Anderson, and the master bowler faces a 5-wheel haul as well. Pakistan will resume its 30/4 innings under bright sunlight. All eyes on Jimmy and his coming anniversary.
The sun is back at the Ageas Bowl, and after a brief break, we’ve got some more cricket.

Fawad Alam’s First Test Runs In A Decade:

Fawad Alam is making his first test in ten years, looking up to the sky. In the sense of this match, there is still a lot of support Fawad and Pakistan need from the sky. Sharp nips one of them back onto his hands. Alam and Azhar are trying to live in the centre rather than anything else. Rizwan saw a shadow practicing on the balcony of the dressing room. PAK 38/4 after 18 years.

Alam’s Stance:

Lunch was moved back by an hour to make up for the 20-minute stoppage at the start of the day, with the second and third sessions pushed back accordingly. We are expected to have extended play until 11:45 p.m. IST today. Pakistan wants a collaboration or, failing to do so, some rain to save it. Fawad Alam gets a couple of runs off the pads against Anderson. PAK 40/4 after 20 years.

Rain Halts Play Again:

The first change of the day in the bowling. Archer is replacing Wide. Both Fawad Alam and Azhar Ali were trying to get away with every chance they could get. Not a lot of singles on sale right now though. And then there’s another end to the rain. Pakistan is moving to the 41/4 pavilion after 22 overs, Fawad Alam and Azhar Ali are holding on.

Lunch Taken:

The second interruption of the day brought in an early lunch. For the meantime, the entire ground has already been flooded, with the storm continuing. We should assume that the second session will start at 5:40 p.m. IST. Right now, Pakistan should look to the sky and pray for more rain, or for a collaboration to save money, for now. England is squarely at the top of this 3rd test.

Second Session:

Fawad Alam and Azhar Ali are starting their second session for Pakistan. And they’re going to get the score moving in a short time. Azhar Ali has four Archer flicks to launch the proceedings. Alam has three runs with an edge that passes across slips. PAK 59/4 of 27.

England Lose All Their Reviews:

England is going to take a look at Azhar Ali when Jofra Archer throws a short ball outside and the skipper reaches for it. Yet it was a hand, not a bat. Despite that, England is losing all of its ratings. As early as the 28th of the year! Bess is put on as Root is going to spin for the first time. And Fawad Alam is rocking back and cutting him down for a fine four. A little momentum building in this relationship. They’ve put on 35 runs so far. PAK 65/4 after 29.

Archer Bowls Fire bolts-His Fastest Over Of 2020:

Archer is building up some serious speed, even ramping up the bounce from time to time. The batsmen also rush. A bouncer to Azhar Ali is shaken by the skipper. Fawad Alam is looking to fight fire with fire. Pulls as Archer is going to be short, the batsmen are going through for three. It’s a strong fight in the centre between Archer and the batsmen. All 6 balls in the Archer over the 90 mph speed meter mark. Alam looks like he’s going to cut against Bess, get a single off the last pitch, and keep the strike going. PAK 70/4 on 31.

Fifth Wicket:

The fifth wicket is dropping. Bess is going to get Fawad Alam, with a turn from the circle. Beyond the batsman’s edge goes to Buttler for a easy catch. Alam will fall for 21. Rizwan comes out at 7:00, with England breaking the relationship that seemed to have made the ship a little steady. PAK 75/5 from 37.

Pakistan Cross 100-Azhar Ali Plays The Patient Game:

Azhar Ali gets 2 more runs on the leg to get Pakistan’s triple-digit average. He faced more than 100 balls from seamers in a test on 42 occasions-never had he scored so few of his runs through cover and mid-off. Patient who’s chasing the skipper. Meanwhile, the dark clouds surrounded the stadium again, with Anderson and Broad in the attack. PAK 101/5, 47.

Captain’s Knock From Azhar Ali:

Azhar Ali plays the captain’s knock. Anderson gives him a wide variety of widths, and he cuts power again for four. The overthrow in the over brings four more to run off a ball. 10 runs are coming over from the Anderson. Rizwan is now ducking with alacrity, as Archer keeps digging it in short. Now, finding quick runs against all the bowlers, Azhar Ali pulls for his tenth four. PAK 139/5, 54.

Tea On Day 3-PAK Trail By 425:

Dom Bess bowls are the last in front of the Tea. Pakistan has a fairly good time at the session. Azhar Ali, 82, and Rizwan are going to take them to the break. So far, this relationship has been worth 83. A partnership between a number 3 battsman and a wicketkeeper batsman has already had a major say in this match, can this pair do the same for Pakistan as well? At Tea, Pakistan is 158/5 after 60 overs, trailing by 425 runs.

Final Session On Day 3:

Despite the weather outlook not so positive for the next two days, England would want to take as many wickets as they can in this final session. They ‘d like Pakistan to fight again today, if they’ve got their way. We will have the game extended in this final session. Stuart Broad starts for them under bright sunshine, with Rizwan and Azhar Ali continuing their 83-run stand. This could be a long session for one of the two teams.

200 For Pakistan-50 For Rizwan:

England has been sticking with Archer for now, even though the slips are being moved out to the outfield. Archer ‘s got the bowling bouncers. Rizwan’s weapons are around him. Azhar Ali, now in the 90s, is looking to consolidate only a little. There’s a decline in his rate of performance. Rizwan, at the other end, is going out to Bess and is going to clobber him for six a long time. 200 is coming up with that. PAK 200/5 after 71 years.

Sixth Wicket-Rizwan Is Out For 53:

Woakes bowl’s a maiden. In the third session, a drink break is taken. England will continue to spin from one end. And then Woakes has the breakthrough. Rizwan is going to fall for 53. Captured by the Buttler diving on the side of the head. The 138-year relationship is coming to an end. PAK 213/6 on 75.1.

Anderson Bowls With The 2nd New Ball:

Azhar Ali’s going to roll again, the Woakes’ full delivery flashes for the last four points. England will go to the second new ball as soon as it’s available. James Anderson, seeking a 5-wheel haul and 600 test wickets, bowls with a new ball. PAK 241/6 on 81.

Yasir Falls:

The Seventh Mighty. Stuart Broad is going to get the 7th Pakistan wicket. Yasir Shah and Joe Root take the catch on their first break. So Pakistan is now going to be stretched to prevent the follow-up. Shaheen Afridi is going out at 9 with Broad and Anderson having a new ball to chat. Shaheen sees the remainder of the Broad through, who has now picked up his first test wicket. PAK 243/7, 82.

8th Wicket – Superhuman Catch By Buttler:

A super catch from Buttler again as Pakistan loses its 8th spot. A one-handed pick-up from the under-fire keeper, diving to his right. Shaheen is falling. Broad is going to get a decond wicket with this new ball. Azhar Ali continues to lose its allies. PAK 247/8.

Two Dropped Catches In An Over:

Azhar Ali gives the edge off Anderson, but Burns loses the catch on the second turn. The ball is going down to four and Pakistan is going over 250. And later in the over, Crawley lost another edge at the fourth break. Anderson’s head is in his hands. Two of the catches dropped in the over. PAK 252/8 over 87.

Ninth Wicket:

Pakistan’s 9th wicket is dropping after a wild series of events. Abbas is getting out of here. Stuart Broad drops another catch off of James Anderson, who can’t believe it, but Broad ends up hitting the stumps with his shot. Azhar Ali has now only Naseem Shah for business, with Pakistan looking at the prospect of being asked to follow suit. PAK 261/9, 89.2.

Pakistan All Out For 273:

A scrappy time of play for England as they look to finish their job. Azhar Ali is holding a blow, not allowing Naseem Shah to blow at all. Anderson takes one up at him and leaves him scratching and humming for a dear life. And he’ll get him out of the last ball. Pakistan’s first innings are over. Azhar Ali is not out on 141. Pakistan, all out of 273.

England Enforce Follow On:

Joe Root hasnforced the follow on. Pakistan ‘s second inning to start what’s going to be a really short game before the stumps.

Stumps On Day 3 – Pakistan Trail By 310 Runs:

The players come out for the second innings. Azhar Ali was scheduled to open with Shan Masood. But the ombudsmen are bringing the proceedings to an end on Day 3 because of bad light. England Captain Joe Root doesn’t look pleased, but that’s what Day 3 is all about. Pakistan, yet to start its second inning after that, is trailing England by 310 runs.


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