Controversial Statements Made By James Anderson Against Kohli

Controversy James Anderson Virat Kohli
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In the 21st century, Technology and Media have a great impact on the world of cricket. Now the cricket players can share their opinions and thoughts on any platform or medium and the audience can also support their favorite players. Undoubtedly it has brought the fans closer to the cricket world. In the coming years also, it will be definitely increasing its importance and vital role in the rise of the cricket world.

Nowadays, not only the fan follows the cricketer but also the media who want to have a keen eye on them in order to create fresh news. They even go through cricket player’s biographies to find out their stories. In such cases, many players have gone themselves into trouble due to their statements.

Many times, such things are assumed to be considered in the wrong way, but this is how media works and 24×7 coverage nowadays. Everyone is searching out for something told by a cricket player in any source that can build and rise up the controversy.

James Anderson And Virat Kohli Controversy:

Considering the popularity and fame that cricket players can get owing to media and social media, there is also the other side which has made his return to haunt the cricketers. They claim the statements in the spur of the moment either in a tweet manner or in a show form and that has ruined their image very badly.

James Anderson do not have too many Indian fans when he asked a question to Virat Kohli’s skills and talent as a batsman. It was the 2014 series to England where Virat Kohli has a tough phase against the moving ball, especially against James Anderson. Moving of their series in 2016, the English player gave this statement about Virat Kohli: “I am not sure if Virat Kohli has changed or not. I just feel like any technical deficiencies he has got are not in play out here. The wickets just take that out of the equation. There is not enough speed in the wickets to get the nicks as we did against him in England with a bit more movement.

If we talk about which team troubled Kohli in the past, it will be Team England. And so, it was very important for him to put the opponent team of the 2014 tour to England behind him and have a start fresh in the five-match Test series at home. Being the captain and as a batsman Virat Kohli was flawless in the series.

He bagged 655 runs in five matches including the highest score of 235 runs and became the only third player after Don Bradman and Ricky Ponting to score three double centuries in a calendar. Virat Kohli has scores of 40, 49*, 167, 81, 62, 6*, 235 and 15 all throughout the series as India won 4-0.  James Anderson’s controversy has helped Kohli to demolish the England team.


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