Cheteshwar Pujara Reveals Difficult Moment Of His Career, Questions Himself Will He Be Able To Play For India Ever?


Cheteshwar Pujara is the backbone of team Indian Test team. He has given nightmares to opposition captains in the longest format of the game. Pujara has a much greater contribution in a win or a draw for India than any other batsmen, scoring a whopping 84.42% of his runs in a win or a draw for his country. Time and time again he has proven his mettle with the bat and taken the Indian team to greater heights.

Pujara’s stats and knocks is a complete delight for the fans of his game but for him, the road to success was full of obstacles which he ultimately overcame with a positive mindset.

Cheteshwar Pujara Reveals He Was Completely Broken And Had Doubts In His Minds To Play-Cricket

The Indian batsman recently revealed that there was a time when he was completely broken and had doubts in his mind if he would be able to play cricket at the international level. In a YouTube interview on ‘Mind Matters’, the 33-year-old revealed how he overcame the ‘most difficult period’ of his cricket career.

“When I had my first injury coming back was the toughest part of my cricket career. By the time our physio team came and told me the recovery would be about six months. So I was so upset that I started to cry. I was in a negative state of mind at the time. “Will I be able to play this game again?” Will I be able to play internationally again? Pujara said.

“So slowly I started talking to my family, my dad, my friends and they started giving me positive feedback about you coming out, don’t worry. So I stopped worrying about my future and started focusing on my present, ”he added.

Pujara added that he does yoga, meditation and follows the advice of a spiritual guru to avoid negative thoughts.

“Once you are in a negative area, everything around you becomes negative. I do yoga and try meditation, I do my prayers every day, which helps me stay in a positive frame of mind, ”he says.

“There was a time when I felt I couldn’t take the pressure. When I had problems in my youth I would go to my mom and cry in front of her saying I had a lot of pressure and nervousness and didn’t want to play cricket. But now I know how to handle the pressure, ” he concluded.

WTC final awaits on June 18, 2021, and Pujara will be one of the most important players for India.


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