Brad Haddin Advised Rishabh Pant To Create Own Identity

Brad Haddin Advised Rishabh Pant To Create Own Identity
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Former Australian wicket-keeper Brad Haddin belief:

Players have been accepting advice from their seniors and many times it has proved to be advantageous for them. There are a lot of stories that narrated how a piece of advice from another player helped others to improve their own performance. Now, retired Aussie wicketkeeper Brad Haddin has given a bit of advice to Rishabh Pant, the Indian wicket-keeper to create his own identification on the field.

Brad Haddin has played 224 international matches with the Australia cricket team and get retirement in the year 2015. After his retirement, he has been continuously working with many young players, coach them and inspire them to become better players.

Rishabh Pant is still searching for a place to perform with the team. He is capable to do fantastic but can’t replicate it on a regular basis, both as a batsman and as a wicketkeeper.

‘You should bring your own style’: Brad Haddin

Brad Haddin must have realized the potential of Rishabh Pant and came up with this advice for him. He has advised the young player to create his own identity on the field and express own personality when playing.

He said that “ Rishabh Pant should be himself first. Like this only he can create his own identity. Many players have expectations to lead in their respective fields. But they have to deal with all these things while representing your countries on the cricket ground.”

For him, at this time, the cricketer has to bring his own format of play, which proves him among others.

Haddin told “ You should bring your style to the team. The first time when I got the chance to play a Test match, I never try to be an Ian Healy or an Adam Gilchrist. I brought my own style to the game. One of the difficulties here is not trying to adapt the style of another player and be true to you”.

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