Best Cricket Academy In India

best cricket academy in india
best cricket academy in india
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Indian cricket has evolved significantly this century. They are no longer pushovers in any format. India in fact are one of the most consistent teams in world cricket across formats. They have been the only team to feature at the top of the rankings across each format. India’s dominance can be attributed to its strong domestic structure. Their India A program has seen great success. India U-19 teams often end up playing way more games than their international counterparts. But at the bottom of all these structures is the academy culture in India. Best cricket academies in India train, nurture and prepare the best young talent.

Why is the need for a cricket academy?

A cricket academy addresses not just the queries for budding cricketers but develops them holistically. 

There have been so many famous tales of coaches taking players under their wings and transforming them completely. The mentors and coaches in the cricket academies play a very similar role. These coaches have an eye for natural talent and temperament. They look for adaptability as well. If a cricketer needs a fix then they must be eager to adapt and change accordingly. These structural changes happen at a cricket academy.

It is quite natural that in a country like India there will be thousands of cricket academies. We list down the best few among them.

6 Best cricket academies in India:

#6 Madan Lal Cricket Academy, Delhi

Madan Lal Cricket Academy (MLCA) is known for its world-class infrastructure. The institute is equipped with four turf and 3 cement wickets. As the name suggests, former Indian Cricketer (fast bowler) Madan Lal is the director of this academy. The coaching team at MLCA includes Andrew Dawson and Blake Moore. Many prominent cricketers like Rahul Dravid, Ricky Ponting, Kapil Dev, and Sandeep Patil deliver guest lectures to the pupils of this academy.

#5 Karnataka Institute of Cricket, Bengaluru

Karnataka Institute of Cricket is arguably one of the best academies not just in Bengaluru but also in India. The institute was established in 1996 with a motto to develop young talent. They are one of the few academies in the country to provide professional physiotherapists, video sessions for players. Players benefit hugely from such academies. The institute also organises domestic and international tours. Players from this institute have gone on to represent India. Shreyas Iyer, Mayank Agarwal, and Manish Pandey are alumni of this academy.

#4 VB Cricket Academy, Chennai

VB Cricket Academy is one of the famous cricket academies in India. Former India batsman, VB Chandrasekhar founded this academy in 1997 to train talented youngsters in the country. The institute is situated in the heart of Chennai. VB Academy offers various advanced and basic courses to different age groups. The coaching programs focus on all aspects of the game. The batting program involves developing fundamental and advanced batting techniques and skills. The fielding course features many innovative fielding drills and programs guaranteed to improve fielding skills. VB Academy also offers video analysing sessions. Batsmen even get to practice with bowling machines. It is quite a modern coaching hub.

#3 Sonnet Cricket Club

Established in the year 1969, Sonnet Cricket Club is one of the oldest and best cricket academies in India. Shikhar Dhawan and Rishabh Pant started their cricketing career from this very club. The academy boasts of a huge ground comprising cement turf and matting wickets. It also boasts of high-profile coaches and trainers. Ashish Nehra is another celebrated alumni of this academy.

#2 Shivaji Park Gymkhana

The Shivaji Park Gymkhana is arguably one of the best cricketing academies in the country. It is called the ‘Nursery of Cricket’. Two of India’s finest batsmen started their cricketing journey from here. They are none other than Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar.  P. G.  Marathe founded the ‘New Maharashtra Cricket Club’ in 1909. The academy has produced a record of 21 international players namely Pravin Amre, Sandeep Patil, Vinod Kambli, and many more. Called the ‘Mecca of Mumbai’ the SPG is one of the oldest and most reputed sports clubs in India. 

#1 NCA, Bengaluru

BCCI, the parent body of Indian cricket established the National Cricket Academy in the year 2000. The National Cricket Academy has the Chinnaswamy stadium as its home turf. The academy has been associated with several legendary cricketers. Legends like Ravi Shastri, Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, and Anil Kumble have been part of NCA. NCA aims to improve the cricketing standards leveraging modern sports facilities. The institute not only offers practice pitches and bowling machines but also offers a residential stay to the players. The academy provides coaching at three different levels where respective coaches and trainers are made available. Rahul Dravid currently heads the NCA.

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