BCCI Wants To Extend Time Limit For Apparel Rights Tender

BCCI to bid for 2025 CT
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BCCI wants to extend the apparel rights tender last date:

The Indian Cricket Board, BCCI wants to extend the final date for the apparel rights tender, which is going to be decided on Tuesday (01-09-2020), for some technical causes.

Adidas and Puma, the European sports kit manufacturers didn’t involve in the bidding table, although taking the document of the tender last month only, because they didn’t receive any kind of needed green signal from their respective boards in time.

It can be happened for two specific reasons: i) COVID-related issues, ii) A complete analysis of product-pricing from the standpoint of an Indian market. The Sports apparel manufacturer, Nike had quitted officially Indian cricket when it didn’t include in the bidding process for the next rights cycle.

Apart from Puma and Adidas, Sporta Technologies Ltd, which is the parent company of Dream11, Disney- which is an apparel sponsorship giant in US markets, Universal Sports Biz, which is the Wrogn’s parent company, and ITW Consulting (for MyCircle11) had taken the tender documents.

However, no other parties involved in the bidding process while it is known that MyCircle11 wouldn’t have qualified the bidding procedure.

Those tracking developments said “The Indian Cricket Board has managed to solve this issue. What the BCCI has to do right now is to understand how the market is replying. No need to be particular with its policies. In case they can do the same, there is much potential.”

It is easily understandable that both Adidas, an Puma had shown their keen interest in the property. But the concerning fact is of pricing that the Indian Cricket Board is struggling to manage the matters like building value for partners and price related questions that kept paying on the bidder’s minds.

As per the sources, the BCCI has to take serious action at how it manages to generate value for its partner. Be it playing a critical role in the merchandising arena, piracy, pricing policy, etc. The manufacturers can be benefitted in case they want them to take part in Indian cricket in this space.”


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