Australian Cricketers Question About Safety Measures From Coronavirus

Australian Cricketers Question About Safety Measures From Coronavirus
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Australian cricketers Aaron Finch and David Warner have criticized the current government policy of tackling the country’s coronavirus pandemic.Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison has declared that the country will enforce a 14-day self- isolation on all international passengers from midnight on Sunday (March 15) in a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus, which has claimed more than 6,000 lives worldwide to date.

In response to Morrison’s announcement, a journalist tweeted: “Genuine concern  how does the government know that new arrivals are in fact isolating themselves?”

Finch tweeted the comment again and said: “Have been wondering the same thing!! Warner added in response to Finch’s remarks: “And, what about the uber / taxi / bus / train they’re catching from the airport to their location.”

Look At The Tweet Of Australian Cricketer Aaron Finch:

The rapid spread of the disease has led to virtual standstill in the sporting calendar around the world. As with India’s ODI series against South Africa, Australia’s ODI series against New Zealand has been called off. Since being called off entirely, both shows had to be held in vacant stadium.


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