Anushka Sharma Writes Heartfelt Note As Virat Kohli Step Down As Test Captain

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma
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Anushka Sharma has expressed a beautiful tribute to her husband Virat Kohli, who recently stepped down as India’s Test skipper. A day after India defeated South Africa in the Test series, Kohli turned to social media to announce his crucial move. The announcement shocked the whole cricket world since Kohli had done an outstanding job as Test captain. Whereas many people were heartbroken by the news, many others praised the 33-year-old.

As Kohli made such a big step, a posting from his wife Anushka Sharma was in the cards. The  Bollywood actress shared a heartfelt post on Social media. Anushka shared a photo of Kohli in his Test jersey, recalling how his husband took over as India’s Test skipper in 2014 when MS Dhoni quit.

I’ve seen more than just your beard turning grey: Anushka upon Kohli

“I remember the day in 2014 when you told me that you have been made the captain as MS had decided to retire from test cricket. I remember MS, you & I having a chat later that day & him joking about how quickly your beard will start turning grey. We all had a good laugh about it. Since that day, I’ve seen more than just your beard turning grey”.

“I’ve seen growth. Immense growth. Around you & within you. And yes, I am very proud of your growth as the captain of the Indian National Cricket team & what achievements the team had under your leadership. But I’m more proud of the growth you achieved within you. In 2014 we were so young & naive. Thinking that just good intentions, positive drive & motives can take you ahead in life,” Anushka wrote.


“They definitely do but, not without challenges. A lot of these challenges that you faced were not always on the field. But then, this is life right? It tests you in places where you least expect it to but where you need it the most. And my love, I am so proud of you for not letting anything come in the way of your good intentions,” she added.

“You held on to nothing with greed, not even this position & I know that. Because when one holds on to something so tightly they limit themselves & you, my love, are limitless. Our daughter will see the learning of these 7 years in the father that you are to her. You did good,” she concluded.

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