Rashid Develops His New Way Of Bowling But Only For Test Cricket

Rashid Khan
Image Source: Twitter.com

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Rashid Khan, the legspinner of Afghanistan is preparing to surprise batsmen with his new ‘mystery’ variation. But there is nothing to worry about batsmen around the globe as Rashid plans to unleash them only in Test matches.

Rashid has told that he is working to develop a new kind of delivery, but unlikely he is thinking not to bowl in the T20 format as he can’t afford to bowl even a single loose delivery. Rashid has just finished his Big Bash League assignment in Australia and now he is thinking to move on towards the upcoming Indian Premier League. He is hoping to show his special delivery in Australia during a Test match of Afghanistan later this year.

” I am practicing in nets to give my best and bring something new from my practice session, but I have never brought to the (T20) game because everything is going well there,” Rashid said.

” But in the Test games, I am looking forward to bowl those deliveries. That will give me an extra opportunity because in Test you will bowl more overs and you don’t have more pressure”.

” In case I bowl a bad bowl in Test, it will not matter as much as it will matter in the T20 game.

” Hopefully, When we will be in Australia I will take more control in my bowling and then I will be capable to bowl them in T20 also.

Rashid Focuses On His Line And Length Of Bowling

To read the game properly and with my line & length, I have to be focused. Now I am concentrating on how to read the ground, read the wicket, tactics of bowling and where to bowl with all those things.

” I think that now the focus of (Afghanistan) Cricket Board is more on the red-ball back home, and hopefully to maximize those games it could help our youngsters. For them, that could give the best opportunities to read and understand the red-ball game in a better way. And also to comprehend the importance of spending most of the time on the ground.

That’s why we should concentrate more on back home. Having more red-ball games is the ultimate way using which we can do the best in the Test squad.”


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