“World Cup Selection Is Not In My Hands”, says Deepak Chahar

World Cup Selection
Image Source: BCCI
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Deepak Chahar was out from the squad after he was injured for more than six months, now Chahar has not only returned to the squad against Zimbabwe but also came back where he left off his form.

After the match when asked about the World Cup selection Chahar was quoted saying “That [World Cup selection] is not in my hands. Skill-wise, though, I have worked very hard, there I can say I have probably started where I had left off. After the first over [when I had the run-up issue], rest whatever I bowled, I was happy. It was a seven-over spell, so the fitness is good.”

Chahar used the swing and bowled perfect line and length to shock the batsman, first, he managed to pick up a wicket through a short ball, and then he took the second wicket with an outswinger.

Deepak Chahar after his amazing comeback against Zimbabwe told to the reporter regarding the comeback, he stated that “I knew I’d make my comeback in this series so I started loading my body according to that. I played all the practice games and bowled more than six over. The day I started bowling, in the first session, I bowled six overs. When you know you’re going to play one-day matches, your workload is always like that. So before I came here, I played 2-3 practice games where I’d bowled 10 overs.”

He further went on to say that “My plan is always simple, “When the ball is swinging, try to bowl fuller length and take as many wickets as possible. When the ball is not swinging, then there is a Plan B or Plan C. Today when I bowled, it swung for six-seven overs, so I had a simple plan: bowl full, mix the swing and confuse the batsmen.”

“It’s difficult,” after a long time away. “You have to make your space again in the team. Because when you are away for a long time, others come in and perform well and make their place on the side. To make your place on the side again, you have to give good performances. So that pressure is always there on a returning player. I had the same expectation that I will do well when I come back because that is all a player has in his hand.”

Chahar will be an important asset for the Indian side shortly and if he continues to perform as he did against Zimbabwe in the first ODI, then it is sure that we will see him in the World Cup squad or even in Asia Cup 2022.

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